My Christmas Nails

With my work’s Christmas due looming around the corner, glitzy nails in December is a season’s must have! Once upon a time I used to hate glitter, but there’s just something about glitter at Christmas which makes everything seem so much more magical. Agree? Now if you were a glitter hater like me, having glitzy nails will soon convert you! They’re just so pretty and addictive. This year’s favourite combination would have to be L’Oreal’s Spicy Orange and Scarlet Tinsel nail polish. The colours are just so festive. I also used Barry M’s clear Base Coat and Top Coat to prep and polish. This style was particularly inspired by Julep nail polishes, their colours are just to die for (especially their glitters). You can check them out by clicking here.

Top: Scarlet Tinsel £4.99 Bottom: Spicy Orange £4.99

Will you be rocking glitzy nails this Christmas?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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