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Now you may either love or hate this post but I am going to do something that sends excitable waves throughout the whole of my body… YES IT IS INDEED MY FIRST CHRISTMAS POST! Now I know that it is only September but if Sainsbury’s and the likes of M&S have been putting out their Christmas goods, it’s only fair that I jump onto the band wagon too… right? When I took a trip to LUSH Oxford Street in London last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the shop had literally turned into a Santa’s Grotto- their whole range was out. So not only were there 200 exclusive products to have a ‘nosy’ around, but there were also colourful explosions of amazingness being demoed everywhere in the store… I was in a LUSH Christmas heaven. What made it even more special is that it is currently the only shop in the world to have the Christmas range out already (everyone else has to wait until the 2nd of October *inserting evil laugh*). So bringing a little bit of exclusivity into your life and on this Eltoria blog, I am going to give you all a little sneak peek into their new range (I’m just so nice). 

What I particularly like about the range is that they have brought out a lot of Christmas favourites from the past whilst including a lot of new stuff too (I would say a very happy medium). As you all know that I used to work for LUSH for a number of years, the new 2015 products kind of remind me of the 2013 Christmas range which happened to be my final Christmas working for them (so it gives me nice memories). Whilst some products have being reincarnated into a new look, like the snowman bath bomb has been upgraded into the new snazzy bearbutter bath bomb, a lot of my absolute favourites still exist in their own right… hooray! So with a basket full of goodies and a hell of a lot of glitter sprinkled down my dress, it was one very satisfying LUSH shop. So let’s take a peek at some of the things that I bought (would be rude if I didn’t)… 

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First and foremost, Rose Jam shower gel has to be my favourite Christmas product of all time. Now I know that Rose Jam exists in a bubble bar and more recently in a shampoo bar, but there is just something about the shower gel which makes it smell extra good. I also love the fact that the Luxury Lush Pudding, Shoot For The Stars and the Father Christmas bathbombs have all come back untouched (yes!). Luxury Lush Pudding smells just like the Twilight bath bomb which also gives your bath water an explosion of colour, and Shoot For The Stars smells just like the Honey Bee bathbomb which also gives that firework effect. The Father Christmas bathbomb almost reminds me of the modern twist of an ‘orange in your stocking’ because it smells citrusy which is ever so traditional. The Father Christmas bath bomb also turns your water green and red which is lovely and festive.

Will you be buying anything from LUSH this Christmas?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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