DIY Cut Out Knot Dress

With the sun currently shining on good ol’ (usually) miserable England, I started to get a little that Summer feelin’ and started to tart up my wardrobe. Now not only did I go a little mad in Primark the other day (post and video haul to come) I also decided to get a little creative on some old t-shirts. This DIY Cut Out Knot Dress is ever so easy to create and it only took around 10 minutes to make. Although my dress ended up being a little too short, I still thought that this ‘dress’ looked great paired with some denim jeans, a black oversized hair, and some plain black boots (what do you reckon?). So with my ‘pimped out’ t-shirt and accessories in tow, me and the boy went outside in the sunshine to take some summery snaps… in a dusty old car park (giggle).

Top tip before you start: firstly I would select an oversized top or a dress that has a little length to it (that way you don’t make the same mistake as me) or if you like my combination, then go with something a little shorter. The top and shorts that I have selected are from New Look (around a year old), and the hat, rings, and boots are from Primark (so quite the budget Spring/Summer outfit). Now you are all probably wondering on how to make this dress and to make things a lot easier, I have created a step by step video for you all to follow (see below or click here to watch). Please do comment below on what you think of this little tutorial, I am planning on doing a little mini series on how to pimp up your clothes this Spring/Summer so do let me know in the comments (I would be very grateful!).

Click here to watch how to make this dress

Will you be making your own Knotted Cut Out Dress this Spring/Summer?

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