8 Reasons Why Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner Advert Was So Bad

Once again, another terrible thing to hit the internet. Despite my Twitter feed blowing up with controversial comments and news that the ‘monstrosity’ Pepsi advert was also down to the fault of Kendall Jenner, but lets just take a moment to think about it for a second. Yes, the advertising behind the advert was nothing but appalling but to put part of the blame on Kendall Jenner? Is absurd. 

When you are high flying model like Kendall Jenner the details of each job isn’t always finalised to you until you get there. It is a manager’s job to go through the details and to be honest with you, I don’t think it was Pepsi’s intention to cause such controversial conversation (or was it?). And I highly doubt that Kris Jenner wanted to put her daughter in the firing line (or did she?). Despite the speculations, it doesn’t divert away from the fact that there are many things wrong with the Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert. So here are my 8 reasons as to why Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner advert was so bad.

1. Why is Kendall Jenner having a photoshoot in a doorway? Also, who brings a big musical instrument to a protest? I mean… I hardly doubt anyone would crack out a tune whilst protesting over something really important.

2. Ok so I get that there are some ‘PEACE’, ‘LOVE’ and ‘UNITY’ signs, but what does the ‘join the conversation’ banners even mean? I guess Pepsi wanted the campaign to ‘spark conversation’ but what about? It lacks any meaning.

3. Uh? She totally just dumped her wig to the nearest black lady.

4. If I just smudged off some purple lipstick from my lips I would look like this…

But miraculously….

6. Jenner has perfect makeup and changes into a whole new outfit. Jeez, does she have magical powers?

7. Now here’s the issues. Kendall approaches a non armed policeman in a scene reminiscent of a famous #BlackLivesMatter image, the only thing is that the police guard is nothing but friendly. We’ve all seen videos and pictures of policemen being armed up to the tee (and not to mention the police brutality). It just seems, I don’t know, ignorant to actual important issues out there?

8. Errr yeah, like a can of Pepsi is going to solve all world problems.

What did you make of the advert?
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