My Fake Tanning Routine

With the sun now starting to play ‘peek a boo’ from the clouds, flowers blooming, and it now being ever so slightly warmer, Spring must be here! Spring has to one of my favourite times of year, because here in the UK, we tend to get our hot weather throughout April and May (which tends to be my pre-tanning season for my Summer holiday). So leading up to those summery months I like to use fake tan lotions so that my body looks a little more sun kissed than usual. Now this fake tan (body lotion) is no stranger to this blog as I wrote a review on it a few months a go (click here) and what do you know, it is still my favourite fake tan ever. What I particularly like about this product is its ‘body lotion’ feel because I feel that mousses tend to streak and look a lot more orange than lotions in their lasting effect (which is particularly common if you have pale skin like me). I also like that you don’t necessarily have to use a moisturiser before applying the tan because it is already has highly moisturising properties as it is jammed packed with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Seed Butter. I would most definitely say that this tan was the first tan that I ever used without it getting patchy or streaky, which for me and my skin tone, was a first. The ‘B’ in Baby B Browne sure does stand for ‘brilliantly’ brown. Look at the difference below (I just love how natural looking it is!):

Left: my skin before application Centre: 4 hours into development Right: 8 hours into development and after a shower.

When you first see/use this product you instantly think that it is going to be too dark for your skin but have no fear ladies, this is one clever product. The tan only comes in one colour (medium) but the lotion is designed to react with each individual’s skin pigment to create a realistic looking tan that is specific to you. Unique and clever? I like. When you apply this product onto your skin I would highly recommend using a tanning mit because the tanning process starts instantly, After all, you don’t want a ‘Dorito hand’ do you? The smell of this tanning lotion smells like no other. Expecting a hint if Indian food I was pleasantly surprised to get a waft of vanilla (I know I felt like a chocolate Easter egg!). So to show you how to prepare and apply this product correctly, I have filmed myself and have done a little step by step guide in a YouTube video. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe!

You can pick up this product for £9.95 (for limited time only) usual price is £14.95 at

Will you be giving this seriously amazing tan a go?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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