Phil Smith Hair Shine Spray

To be brutally honest with you all, I had never heard of Phil Smith before. Whilst browsing for my beloved Shine Spray by V05, Sainsburys decided to either run out of stock or not stock it at all, so an alternative was on the cards. Since using shine sprays I have seen a massive difference in the texture of my hair- especially when it is down. Shine sprays help to add shine and gloss to the hair without being too heavy. They are particularly good if you have dry or frizzy hair as they help to hide and tame those challenged locks. So what did I make of the Shine Spray by Phil Smith? Firstly it does smell pretty incredible and has a similar smell to Soap & Glory products (so girly and fresh). This spray is also great for finer/oiler hair has it is very light on both the ends and root of the hair. I felt that this spray was a great alternative to V05 but for me, (in relation to my hair type and preference) the V05 spray is slightly heavier giving off more gloss and shine. The preference is wholly dependable on your hair type so giving them both a go would be worthwhile. What I also liked about this product is its versatility. Whilst providing a luxurious shine finish to your lifeless locks, it additionally adds a hold to the hair making it great for styling too. I  particularly like using this product after curling and putting my hair up- its properties are light and natural which doesn’t make your hair look ‘clumpy’ and ‘gluey’ like some hair sprays do (get what I mean?) ♥

You can pick up this spray for just £2.50… bargain! 

What do you make of shine sprays?

Much Love

Eltoria x