What To Do In a LUSH Interview

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This may seem like a strange post to pop on my blog but bear
with me (it may help a few of you out
trust me
). If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel (click here) you may have noticed that my ‘How to Get a Job at LUSH’ video has almost 30,000 views and My Experiences Working at LUSH’ has almost
40,000 views… that’s a lot of views! So in continuing with my little LUSH
series that I have going on (and most
importantly to answer more of your questions
), I thought that it was about
time that I did a video on ‘What to Do in a LUSH Interview’ (click here). Now I am not someone who is making up these videos
because I am just a LUSH lover, I actually worked for the company for 3 years
and I did get involved in the recruitment process for the Reading store when I
was there. So in comparing LUSH’s interview process with other retail stores, I
would quite happily say that it is very different. Depending on the store and the
manager, you may be invited to a single interview combined with a shop floor
trial, or, just a group interview with lots of other people attending (and trust me they do get very busy). But
please note, you may be required to attend both types of interviews! Now you
may at this point be freaking out and wondering what on earth you would do in
both interview situations but don’t worry, I have covered this in my ‘What to Do in a LUSH Interview’ video (click here). Just to give you all a
heads up, LUSH at this time of year hire for the Christmas period so if you are
wanting a part time or full time job at LUSH, now is the best time to apply (I started off as a Christmas temp and then
managed to stay on part time

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My Top Tips:

– Be confident and just
go for it-
you will surprised on how much credit you will get for doing

– Demo, demo, demo-
whether you are in a shop floor trial or a group interview, grab a bath bomb
and demo it in some water, or grab a massage bar and give someone a hand

– Do a little research
before going to the interview-
this could be on bathbombs, facemasks,
campaigns, soaps or what certain ingredients benefit the body.

– Check out some of
LUSH’s campaigns before the interview-
trust me, you will probably be asked
which one was your favourite.

– A favourite product
and why-
it may be worth having a few up your sleeve just in case they ask
for more than one.

– Think of a sales
environment that you’ve been in before-
often it is asked what you would do
in a positive/negative situation (a classic
example would be if a customer complained about a product

– Think about why you
want to work at LUSH-
perhaps you are eager to learn more about beauty and what
certain ingredients benefit the body.

– Practice, Practice Practice-
maybe it would settle your nerves if did some demos on a family member or a
friend? Or, you could pop into store and grab some advice off from a fellow

There are so many things that LUSH could pull out on you at
a LUSH interview, but these are some of the common ones that are usually asked. I really hope that all of these videos help you and if you do have any questions please do not hesitate me at eltoriasecrets@gmail.com. I am planning on do many more LUSH videos so please do subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here. Also drop me a comment below on what you would like to see next.


Above: Click here to watch my ‘How To Get a Job at LUSH’ video

Are you thinking about getting a job at LUSH? What video do you want to see next?

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