50 Facts About Me

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Since you guys really enjoyed my ‘Get To Know Me More’ post that I published last week (it actually turned out to be my most read post for last week), I thought that I would write a post that contained 50 interesting facts about myself. Now I have actually filmed this in a YouTube video (here), so if you like the sound of the below, I have actually expanded on them in the video. So in this post/video I mainly talk about my childhood, anxiety, likes and dislikes and current bits and bobs. So without further delays, here a few interesting facts about myself: 

1. I am 5ft 4.5 inches

2. I have size 5 feet 

3. I am a twin

4. I have two brothers

5. My nickname at school was ‘Sim1’ and I had a song made up about me at school

6. I can only drink half a cup of tea

7. I cannot say Macaulay Culkin

8. My favourite foods are: cottage cheese and pineapple, pulled pork and a cheese board

9. I hate celery

10. My favourite flowers are lilies

11. When I like a song I play it over and over again

Above: My twin sister and I

12. I have been on TV

13. I am part Italian

14. My favourite place to visit is the USA and more locally, Whitehall Garden Centre

15. I miss Blind Date, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and my twin sister

16. I have a Law degree and I got a 2:1 in it

17. I studied Law, Business, PE and Philosophy and Ethics at Alevel

18. I have a huge phobia of the sea

19. My favourite song ever is ‘Love The Way You Lie’ by Eminem and Rhianna

20. My favourite artist is Jason Derulo

21. My favourite band is One Direction

22. I have one pet (a springer spaniel dog named Brooke)

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23. I am terrible at texting back and answering my WhatsApp messages

24. I don’t smoke

25. I love sport and the gym

26. My favourite films are the Rocky ones, more recently the newest one called ‘Creed’

27. I used to be a Tom Boy

28. My hair as a kid used to be terrible (I explain in my video)

29. I used to be a Tap and Ballet dancer (10 years)

30. I used to love horses (and still do)

31. My sister and I used to make TV shows and I still have the footage!

32. I used to suffer from anxiety when I was younger

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33. When I get too tired I get clumsy, forgetful and grumpy

34. I want to design and build my own house one day

35. The SIMS is my favourite PC game of all time

36. My first job was in a pub as a waitress

37. I pretty much live in PJ bottoms

38. I won best Beauty & Fashion Blog 2016 and Best Vlogger 2016 at the UK Blog Awards

39. I started blogging and YouTube to find myself again (I explain in my video)

40. I started earning money when I was 10 years old

41. I used to pay my sister to borrow her clothes

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42. Next time I dye my hair I was to go dark brown with coppery ends.

43. My favourite makeup brand is MAC but more recently Laura Mercier and Charlotte Tilbury

44. I love chelsea boots

45. I love the countryside

46. My favourite high street brand is River Island

47. I currently have no tattoos but if I were to get one, I’d get one on my thigh

48. I used to write a private diary

49. I have a boyfriend and his name is Joe, I have been with him for 4 years

50. In the future I plan to carry on with this blog and YouTube channel (I explain in my video).

Do we have anything in common? What’s an interesting fact about you? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love

Eltoria x


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