Top 5 New Hairstyles for 2017 and How To Wear Them

The New Year is here, and finding a new hairstyle is the perfect way to add the finishing touches to your efforts at self-improvement. While last year’s trends were focused on throwback styles such as the classic bob and beachy waves, this year is all about improving upon what you’ve got. Natural styles are in and over-styled beauty shop hair is out. To get inspired, check out these hot hair trends that you can recreate at home. 

1. Cut In Long Bangs

Eye-framing fringe is where it’s at when it comes to camouflaging a high forehead and drawing everyone’s attention to the eyes. This look goes best with straight hair, and keeping your bangs long allows them to be clipped back anytime you want to change your look. Cutting long bangs yourself is fairly simple, just part your bang line and twist before cutting to get slightly different lengths for your fringe. 

2. Go Smooth and Sleek

Last year, lots of girls embraced the beach wave trend since it seemed low-maintenance. Yet, all the scrunching and rewetting has become quite tired. This year, smooth and sleek is back in style. Start with a glossy blowout, and run a straightening brush through it to keep it sleek throughout the day. The best part about going straight is that you can then redo your hair in different styles or just leave it down. The versatility of this style leaves it completely up to you.

3. Choose Mid-Length Layers

Those of you who went for the bob last season will be excited to know that the new styles are all focused on hair that goes slightly below your shoulders. The lob is basically just a longer version of the bob, and you can get this look by going longer between haircuts and asking your stylist to just give you a short trim. To keep the shag from looking too messy, where it straight or create soft waves and use an anti-frizz spray.

4. Pull Up a High Pony

The sloppy bun is out, and the high ponytail has replaced it. Pulling your hair tight gives you an instant face-lift, and this look goes just as well with that little black dress as it does with a t-shirt and jeans. Keep in mind, however, that simplicity is the trick to avoid looking like you are trying to pull off that 80s retro look. Instead of adding glitzy accessories, stick to a hair-colored band that creates a modern update for this classic style.

5. Just Flip It

The extreme side part was a huge trend last year, and you can freshen that look up by just flipping it to the other side. By doing so, you will create instant volume that adds lift to your facial features. The wrong-side flip works well with all hair types, and it takes only seconds to pull off so keep it in your arsenal for anytime you want to quickly transform your style.

The year of 2017 is full of hairstyles that flatter every hair type and face shape. The best part about these styles is that many work together. Try making a smooth and sleek high ponytail or add fringy bangs to your lob. As long as you keep it natural and stick to DIY hairstyles, you will always be at the forefront of this year’s trends.

What hair trend will you be rocking this year?

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