The 8 Types of Flirty Men

We’ve all been this kind of situation (or similar)- you’re stood with your friends at a bar and a group of guys (or just one confident chap) comes over. He tells you how amazing you look and goes on telling you about himself. 90% of the time I can guarantee you that this charming young chap is probably flirting with you. Some guys are just characteristically flirty and may not mean anything by it, but some of the time they are pulling out all the stops to get you interested. As we are all human, and therefore all unique from one another, there isn’t just one type of flirting for men- there are in fact many. I have therefore collaborated below the 8 common types of flirty men- so sit back and enjoy reminiscing the ones that you have come across (I hope it’s not too cringe for you!).

1. The Hysterical Kind
The Hysterical Kind is my favourite type of flirt. Usually they won’t always be flirting with you to grab your attention but nevertheless they’ll make jokes, do impressions, throw in funny puns all to make you smile and happy. Usually these types of guys are not happy until they make you smile, so have fun and enjoy the flirt!

2. Compliments, Compliments, Compliments!
‘You have beautiful eyes… you look gorgeous’- ok we all like a compliment now and again but too many can make us feel that they are insincere. Compliments are good, but not at every little trivial thing we say or do!

3. The ‘No Messing’ Guy
These types of guys are the sort that will ask for you phone number and then tell you a time and place where he is going to pick you up. Or if you turn him down the first time, he’ll keep on asking you until you say yes. Some may view this as romantic whereas some would say that it is annoying (I vote annoying).

4. The Shy One
The guy you don’t usually know where you stand with him. Sometimes this guy will do little things to grab or attention or do nothing at all. He likes you but you may make him a little nervous so bare with him.

5. Cringy and Over Confident
Sometimes guys come across as too confident which makes them look a little cocky and arrogant. Sometimes these types of guys like to turn any situation into a sexual one, which can be incredibly ‘cringy’ and inappropriate. Take it as banter otherwise, get out of there quick.

6. The Mean Man
There’s always one who likes to tease you in order to grab your attention, but usually the mean things he says isn’t entirely true so don’t get too worked up over it. He’s trying to hide the fact that he actually likes you!

7. The Charming One
This type of guy is very good with his words. You’re not sure why you like him, but he’s just so interesting to listen too. Usually these guys make you feel good about yourself and leave you wanting to know more about him. He’s like a addictive drug, you can’t get enough of his charming nature.

8. The Complete and Utter Douche bag
A combination between ‘Cringy and Over Confident’ and ‘The Mean Man’- this guy really isn’t playing his game correctly. These types of guys are usually looking for approval from their friends or are using you to make another girl jealous. Yeah, take the high road mate!

Who have you experienced ladies/gents?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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