Soap & Glory| Orangeasm Body Wash, Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, Righteous Butter & Fragrance

Since wondering down the isle in Boots and being allured by the enormous tubs engraved with many witty puns, I have been a major fan of Soap & Glory for a number of years now. I was once one of the those girls who stuck to what I knew, and in that very ‘one minded time’, I was mainly using LUSH and The Body Shop products because one, I worked at LUSH and two, I believed them to be the only natural products that were on the market (I know, I must have lived under a beauty rock for a while). But then again a lot of us get clouded in our one trick minds and it can be quite hard to stray away from what we know as the norm. I mean, I’d hate it if I bought a new product which cost a lot of money but then hated it. But then again, we can never create our own new beauty secrets and favourites if we didn’t take a trip onto the wild side once in a while (so be brave my little beautynistas… did I just come up with a new word?). Not only do I love Soap & Glory products (which I will go into in a second) but I just love the companies branding and morals. I’m not sure if a lot of you know but Soap & Glory use their own staff and prize winners as their models because they want to demonstrate that any one can be beautiful, and they want to use people that truly love and know their products- how cute!

I had never heard of nor smelt Orangeasm before but I have to say it is amazing in many ways. When I was younger orange used to be my favourite smell- I remember walking into my local garden centre and picking up an orange car spray and being ever so determined to my mum that I could use it as my perfume (face palm). I’m sure that we all have our own funny beauty stories one way or another. However since growing up, my love for a zesty scent hasn’t changed one bit. What I love about this Orangeasm shower gel is that it is ever so refreshing, but this sweet orange gel isn’t too potent on the nose as this product also contains Sicilian Lemon, triple tea, and ginseng (so super luxurious on the skin too.) You can pick up a bottle for £6.50 and there are also other products in the range too!

From my last post which I published back in January (click here to see that), many of you will know that the Righteous Butter is my ultimate favourite body butter to use. Like last time, I still really cannot put a pin point on the smell but I still think that it smells a little like pink fluffy candy floss (but please let me know your opinions below!). This award winning body butter softens your skin because it is jammed packed with aloe vera and cocoa butter- Soap & Glory swear that you might end up feeling like you are wearing velvet after application. I am most definitely taking this pot on holiday so that I can re-hydrate my skin after a good tanning session. Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub on the other hand is another delight because it smells just like digestive/ginger biscuits (no lie). This exfoliator contains organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts which are the perfect ingredients for sore and dry skin. I love using this scrub both morning and night and it has been rather good at scrubbing away my old patchy fake tan (blush). You can pick up Righteous Butter for £10.50 and Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub for £8.00.

What makes life even better is that I can now lock in the Righteous Body Butter smell with my own Original Pink body spray! I love to pop this on after applying my Righteous Butter and I find that the smell lasts for much longer (right until morning if applied at night). I also received the Orangeasm Fragrance which smells just like the body wash above but I think it smells slightly more of orange peel (if that makes sense?). But I most definitely will be wearing this fragrance on a hot summers day and who knows, it may even put off those nasty mozzies! I also received the Fruitigo Fragrance and I also consider this one to be a summery scent because its mint and Sicilian lemon makes it smell just like a glass of Pimms (no joke!). I must add that it’s almost good enough to drink but obviously I’m not going to do that (it’s that identical). If you wish to smell like Soap & Glory gal this Summer, you can pick up these two for £10.00 each (but keep your eyes peeled because one of these may star in my mega beauty prize give away coming up). 

What Soap & Glory products do you like? Would you give any of the above a go?
Let me know in the comments.

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