The Best Volumizing Spray For Your Hair!

Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist by Design.Me is hands down the best hair volumizing spray that I have ever used! It’s easy to use, light in the hair, and not to mention adds a massive lift from the root up. It’s a little like dry shampoo, so all you need to do is pump the powder into the root and then gently massage it in. The powder can also be used in dry or damp hair, so it’s all va-va-voom whatever the situ! Check out my latest video where I tried to get my hair looking like Scary Spice!

Personally I think the powder is especially useful when in comes to creating the perfect up-do look. It’s wax base creates a great texture in the hair and not to mention helps to make the perfect quiff! My fiance, Joe, also said that it is fantastic to use when it comes to styling mens hair (especially if you are someone who likes to style in a quiff). You can grab a bottle from the Sally website for £9.95.

Want to see me style my hair using Puff Me? Head on over to the brand new Sally Beauty UK Instagram page! Go and give them a follow too ;).

What did you make of the Puff Me Volumizing Hair Mist? Let me know!

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