Designer Underwear BLACK FRIDAY | Boxers & Brief

Now on this blog I have reviewed a lot of underwear; Calvin Klein, Diesel, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, and Emporio Armani, but I reckon that I am just about to review the best brand of them all. All of the above names are extremely big and the likes of Calvin Klein still appears to be the number one brand. However, these bralettes and briefs from Bjorn Borg that I got from the Boxers and Briefs website are hands down leagues above the rest. Not only do they look good but they are honestly the most comfortable set that I have ever worn (especially the bralettes!). If you are looking to try a new brand of underwear or are looking to buy underwear for Christmas presents, use the discount code ‘ELTORIA’ in order to receive 20% off your purchase! Or enjoy the Black Friday 70% OFF! So let me tell you why I think Bjorn Borg is the best new brand to try.

First off these bralettes in my opinion look great- they are a great balance between a bra and a bralette (if that makes sense). Unlike the other designer bralettes I have reviewed, they have adjustable straps and a clasp at the back which makes the bralette very supportive. I have been wearing these bralettes instead of a bra and I never have that moment where I just want to take my bra off like I do with most of my other ones. These bralettes are made out of cotton so they are super soft to touch and gentle on the skin. The design is also great for those who have a smaller chest size too!

The underwear is also very comfortable, or, in other words, I don’t get the unwanted ‘front or back wedgie’. You can get Bjorn and Borg underwear in a thong but I decided to get these in a cheeky brief. Again, they are made out of cotton which makes them very comfortable to wear.

What’s your favourite brand of underwear? Much love, Eltoria x

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