Halloween Weekend Antics

HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL! Just a mini post to fill you all in as to what I am up to this weekend! I wouldn’t say that Halloween in the UK is big as it is in the USA however, this year I have sure acted like an American. High five to all you American readers. Last weekend I went to a Halloween party that was held in a haunted mansion and I kid you not, it looked just like Hogwarts! But this Halloween weekend it was the beautiful Beky Lou’s birthday so (of course) there was more reason to go out. We went out in the City of Bath (UK) (from where I am from) and got snapped in our Halloween outfits and I thought that it would be rude not to share with you all! I (in a mad rush) went as a cat (how non original) and Beky went as a dead Little Miss Riding Hood (I swear that the bruised marks on Beky were not done by me).

At lunch time on Halloween, myself and my work mates went to lunch at this cute little Bistro by the river and they sure were in the Halloween spirit too! Check out these amazing cupcakes that I Instagrammed:

To top all of this off, I am also off to Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios in Watford today for their Halloween weekend! Don’t worry I am going to vlog and take lots of pictures so watch out for that post!

What did you do for Halloween?
Much Love
Eltoria x


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