How To Tie a Scarf 16 Ways

Oh my golly gosh! I was so excited when I saw this video floating around on Facebook and I had to share it with you all! This fantastic video by NORDSTROM shows you how to tie 4 scarves in 16 different ways. Not sure about you guys, but I often see people wear their scarves in really cool ways and I have never known how to do it… until now. NORDSTROM is a gorgeous high end label selling the most amazing things. If you have never heard of them, please go and check them out by clicking here. As they are a high end brand, I have also incorporated (below) a scarf wishlist featuring garments that are currently being sold on the market. I love big scarves, especially the ones from NORDSTROM and ASOS (below). But without further adieu, enjoy the video!


*NORDSTROM- Woopsie!

My favourite is The Celebrity Knot, what’s yours?

Much Love

Eltoria x