What To Buy Your Mrs, Sister & Mum For Christmas

Tis the season to wonder what on earth your Mrs, mum, and sister would like for Christmas. Do you ask them (or even yourself) ‘what do you want for Christmas’ for those crippling words of ‘I don’t know’ being echoed back. Well gents (and ladies) I have the ultimate Christmas picks that will take the worry away from yourselves. Over the last years I have had my fair share of bad and good products so I thought that a good and trusty guide is what some of you will need in order to make a decision. So let’s take a peek into my top picks.

So let’s start off with all things Soap and Glory. I have done a fair few posts on Soap and Glory products (click here to check them out) and I absolutely love them. This Foam & For-Tune gift set really is something to sing about… literally. Not only is this box jammed packed with some of Soap and Glory’s best sellers; Clean On Me Shower Gel, Sugar Crush Scrub and Body Butter (just to name a few) but the tin also sings to you. So if you want something to chirp up your female other on Christmas day morning, then this is gift set to go for.

These Lord and Berry eyeshadow pots make the perfect stocking fillers, just look how pigmented and gorgeous these colours look! If the female(s) that you are shopping for are makeup addicts, then these are just perfect.

If your other half is in to getting her eyebrows done then these HD Brows Gift Sets are a must! Not only will their eyebrows be the envy of everyone but these Lip Essential lip glosses will guarantee the perfect smooch underneath the mistletoe. So what are you waiting for? Add them into that basket.

Sienna X tanning products are hands down the best currently on the market (and I am not even exaggerating). Are you fed up with your girlfriend, sister, or mum looking like a streaky Wotsit? Or smelling like a gone off Indian Curry? Then buying the Xmas Pamper To Party gift set is your next calling. Not only is the tan really natural (just check out the photo above) but they also smell like vanilla- goodbye awful curry smell. I 100% reccomend this gift set if they are a huge tanning fan.

Are you bored of hearing the words ‘I want to try something new’, but they continue to buy the same thing and then complain about it later? Then the monthly Cohorted Beauty Box is something to invest in if you want to keep the females in the family smiling all year around. Each month they will receive a box of on trend beauty products that they wouldn’t necessarily pick up shopping. In this months box I received a gorgeous Cargo Cosmetics eye shadow palette containing some of the best nude colours that I have ever seen, Laura Mercier foundation primer (which is just a dream), Dr Paw Paw Original Balm and a Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Serum. This month I have particularly fallen in love with the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and Dr Paw Paw’s Original Balm- and these two products are not something that I would usually pick up.

Which one would you choose?
Much Love
Eltoria x


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