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Now I must admit, I had never heard of ROMWE until the vast amount of advertisement that invaded my Facebook news feed (must of cost a lot). I also noticed that there were a number of bloggers that were also advertising the brand in their side bars, so on one ‘snoozy Sunday’ I thought that I’d check out this little bit of fresh meat. Instantly I noticed their very appealing ‘% off’ banners and if you are someone like me who loves to shop in dollars, it doesn’t take a genius to workout the brilliant deal that you will be getting if you are paying in English pounds (when I say genius I mean Google currency converter). Along with five necklaces that are displayed below, I also bought a number of outfits too. Now here I have to be completely honest with you all because I wasn’t entirely impressed with the clothing at all. The zip one of the dresses was broken, a supposed ‘dress’ was in fact short enough to be a t-shirt, and the threading on pretty much of all the garments were pulling away from its stitching. Although this is my own opinion formed from an unfortunate bad experience, please do not be put off because their necklaces and jewellery are brilliant value for money. So have a little snoop at what I got (I’m all prepared for Spring and Summer now).

On average five necklaces of this size from your typical high street shop would cost you, let’s say, £8.00-£10.00 per necklace? So if we average that at £9.00, altogether these necklaces should of cost me around £45.00. Well my little fashionistas sit down because you are going to be shock- these necklaces altogether cost me around £20.00! (that’s like £5.00 each!). The quality of these necklaces are also very good and they have the ability to make any outfit look glamorous (I’ve already had many compliments on them). Many of you will know that I love a huge statement necklace so I love the fact that you can also pair these different styles together to make them look even more effortless (see first image above). The necklace below has to be my favourite purchase, and what makes it even better is that H&M were selling this necklace for double the price a few months ago (amazing!). I must also add that I again received one of these necklaces damaged but my boyfriend reckons he can fix it so fingers crossed.

The only other thing to say on ROMWE is that their delivery time isn’t the quickest (it took around 3 weeks for my goods to come). I’m guessing that this is due to their products being shipped directly from the US to the UK, so if you are needing something quick for the weekend, I wouldn’t say that this is your safest bet.

Where will you be getting your Summer jewellery from? Any recommendations on any good sites?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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