How To Dutch Braid For Beginners

Now I must admit, I am not in any way a braiding queen. It is something that I would love to be able to do in my sleep, but my sister decided to hog the Barbie Styling Head when I was a kid so I had no hope (well I was the one who decided to give it a stylish bob… oops!). So after much determination and patience, I finally learnt how to do these double dutch braids (and I love that they are so Khloe Kardashian) So if you are someone like me who also finds braiding difficult, this post and YouTube video is the perfect starting point because it is made for beginners! This hairstyle took me about an hour to learn, so make sure that you have plenty of time and patience (the key is just practice, practice, practice).

Above: click above to watch my Dutch Braid For Beginners video

Step 1: Just like any plait/braid separate the hair into 3 pieces. Now before you start at the top of your head, I would learn how to do the dutch brain first. Rather than crossing over the middle piece of hair, you are crossing underneath. And whilst crossing underneath you collect additional hair (please refer to my YouTube video if you are still unsure).

Step 2: Once you have practiced the braid itself, spray some dry shampoo into your hair to add additional texture, and then separate your hair into two halves and clip one side away. Take a section of hair and then divide it into three pieces. Take one of the outer strands and pass it underneath the central piece, and then repeat on the other side.

Above: one of my favourite dry shampoos by Batiste. Read my latest post here.

Step 3: Now this time when you pass the outer sections of hair underneath the central piece, grab some additional hair. Now this is explained and demonstrated very clearly in my Dutch Braid For Beginners video on YouTube (you can click the thumbnail above to watch it).

Step 4: When you get to ear level, start to grab the hair towards the back. This ensures that all pieces of hair are not missed (and not mention makes it easier to braid at the bottom).

Step 5: Keep braiding until you reach the bottom.

Will you be trying out this hairstyle anytime soon? Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video!

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