Getting Rid of Brassy Blonde Tones With Redken Shampoo!

I think my before and after shots on Marie Claire speak a thousand words, don’t you? Well, meet the new Blondage shampoo and conditioner by Redken. This nifty little duo managed to seriously brighten my brassy hair in just one wash! Crazy hey?

Blonde hair is still incredibly popular, I, myself, recently went much lighter. However, due to two trips to Bali and Greece, it was safe to say that the sun and chlorine turned my hair a little brassy as an aftermath. I’ve been using a purple shampoo for a long time, I even used a purple shampoo a few days before using Redken and the results are dramatically different (as you can clearly see).

The Redken Science

Not going to lie though, blonde maintenance is tough compared to brunette hair. So I am very happy that I’ve found a duo that can do the job in one go. So what’s the science behind it? The products contain Triple Acid Protein tones which are enriched with ultraviolet pigment. Both formulas simultaneously work together to strengthen the hair whilst depositing a purple pigment to neutralise the yellow tones. You only need to use the shampoo and conditioner a couple times a week, leaving on for 2-5 minutes. So you want a fix quickly? Give this a go! I am astonished by the results.

After Use

So how did my hair feel after use? The answer to that is that it felt as good as it looked. Before the treatment, my hair did feel very parched. But after, it was like it was given a new lease of life. I would definitely recommend these Redken products to anyone who is blonde! Check out the full Marie Claire article.

Would you give these products a go? Let me know in the comments. Much Love, Eltoria x

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