When In Rome

Not even a bunch of adventurous Menghinis can overcome the When In Rome cliché. Rome you sure did lead the ropes on this one. Before I go into this post some of you are probably thinking one thing, who are the Menghinis? Well before I introduce you to my mad bunch, let’s give you the low down on this trip first. Some of you may recall from my last post that I was a little hesitant in announcing this trip, not even a Tweet or an Instagram picture of my passport. Just a mention that I wouldn’t be posting much. The trip was arranged by Lucy as a birthday present for Ross (don’t worry you will learn who all of these people are further down). The whole trip was kept a secret for months, and Ross’s face was a picture when he saw all of us hiding in McDonalds like a bunch of teenagers. I mean the cardboard cut outs of his face was a genius idea. So with my walking shoes and Ray Bans on, this blogger had some adventures and memories to make.

Rome is littered with the most amazing features, even that washing line hung out of the window in the picture above makes the place even more endearing. In the 2 full days that we spent in Rome we walked almost 30 miles, but I must admit that some of that time was spent getting lost around the little ally ways. Whilst many would think that getting lost is undesirable, it is however the best way to come across the best cafe’s and restaurants (and not to mention discovering the most prettiest buildings). It was amazing to walk the same cobbles of some of the world’s most influential people, and to have the chance to absorb all of the history was a life time opportunity. Even people watching was fascinating!

Even in the UK, a good Italian dish has got to be an Eltoria favourite. But eating Italian food in Rome, there is no competition whatsoever (sorry Jamie Oliver). Every day we ate out and I pretty much tried everything; pizzas, cannelloni, ravioli, pasta, paninis, ice-cream, Italian vino, and even an espresso (and I don’t even like strong coffee). Food, drink and even accommodation in Rome isn’t that expensive (average dish 9-13 euros), it’s just about comparing prices and researching before you go really. After 4 days of indulging myself, I pretty much had to be rolled off the plane back into the UK.

The architecture in Rome is just amazing, I mean, how on earth did the Romans make such perfect buildings without modern technology? It just baffles me. We explored a number of churches, fountains, and buildings, but the most impactful would have to be the Pantheon. As you can see in the photos above, the ceiling is perfectly round. I loved the fact that I could just look up and see the clouds move in all different directions. This building is a must see if you are planning a trip to Rome.

Seeing the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum can now be ticked off from my bucket list. Ever since watching Mary-Kate and Ashley’s ‘When In Rome’ movie as a kid, it has always been a dream of mine to flip a coin into the Trevi Fountain and make a wish. The fountain itself is just beautiful and the Colosseum on the other hand is really extraordinary. I would have to say that they are two of the most significant attractions to see in Rome (especially if you are short for time).

We also managed to see the Pope at the Vatican! Now even though I am not religious in the slightest, it was still amazing to see and experience. There were around 200,000+ people from all different countries and religions, and the atmosphere was so calm and joyful. We rang nanny Menghini back in the UK (who is a Catholic) and she started to cry on the phone… so cute! 

Above: some of you may know this girl from So Olivia Travel Blog, go and check her out if you haven’t!

Less about Rome, let’s meet the gang! You all know Joe (my boyfriend) from previous posts and videos, so the Menghinis are basically his side of the family. Above we have the Menghini ladies, and starting from the left we have: Lucy (Ross’s Fiance), Olivia (Joe’s Sister), Theresa (Joe’s mum) and of course there’s me. Now we are missing another sister (Lissie) and a little niece (Sofia), but I am sure you guys will meet them another time. They were extremely missed on this trip *sad face*.

Now we have the lads! Starting from the left we have Steve (Joe’s brother in law), Ross (Joe’s brother), Rob (Joe’s Dad who is also fluent Italian) and then we have Joe himself. 

As with all holidays, taking the perfect selfie and family photo was always going to be on the cards. Look how good looking they all are!

For me, the best thing about this trip was just being with the family. Even though I am not exactly related in any way (yet), it is nice to feel so comfortable and accepted. My fondest memory of this trip was having a few beers around the river. Yes, we did get a little ‘tiddly’ and yes, that is me with the girls trying to twerk against a wall upside down. But it is these types of memories which makes every family unique. 

Above: my favourite shot

Have you been to Rome before?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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