The Best Face Mask In The World!| Facetox 7 Day Face Mask

Facetox is most definitely the new ‘Graze’ (for face masks) but better- I am literally sat at my desk buzzing to write this post for you all. Now you guys know how much I love a good natural mask and for me LUSH have always been my leading favourite, but move aside ‘Cupcake’ and ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’, Facetox is the new kid on the block. Coming into the Autumnal and Wintry months my skin has been quite congested so trying out the 7 day Extract, Pull and Detoxifying Face Mask Box couldn’t come at a better time. So with a face ready to be detoxified, let’s first take a look into the Facetox process itself (because it is ahh-mazing).

First of all I just love the fact that you have to mix the clay powder and rose water together to make the mask- talk about knowing what is in your skin products. The Mixed Facetox Blend (also known as ‘Step 1’) contains 100% pure calcium bentonite clay powder and The Organic Rosewater (also known as ‘Step 2’) contains 100% organic rose water. When both of these sachets are mixed together in the mixing bowl provided it creates a negative charge which helps to pull the toxins straight from your skin (and not to mention looks identical to a LUSH fresh face mask). Rose water is super good if your skin is a little irritable or suffers from redness and scarring, so I would say that this product is suitable for all types of skin (but if you have super sensitive skin I would reccomend only leaving it on for 10 minutes rather than the whole 30 minutes). 

Ok so how good was it? When the mask is on your skin you can most definitely feel it tightening and pulling which is actually quite a satisfying feeling. The face mask does dry out on the skin so expect not to be able to move your facial features for a short while (so grab a mag and a cup of tea). Taking the face mask off is a little tricky- but don’t be put off by this because all of the best face masks out there are difficult to get off. The easiest thing to do is jump in the shower- that may sound crazy but the combination of the warm water and steam makes it a dream to take off. When I took off the mask my skin did admittedly feel a little dry but this due to the negative charge so be sure to top up on your moisturiser after. After using 4 face masks over a 12 day period my skin looks so much more radiant, I haven’t had one break out since! It may say ‘the 7 day detox’ but you can just use these masks as and when your skin needs it.

I honestly hand of heart say that this is one of the best face masks that I have ever tried. The product when mixed smells just like rose water and it is 100% organic, cruelty free, paraben free, vegan friendly and 100% natural. This face mask is definitely the ‘go to’ mask if you are suffering from acne, scarring, congested pores and uneven skin tone.

On the subject of detoxing have any of you tried Teatox by Slimming Solutions before? Teatox is the latest way to cleanse the body and banish the bloat. The daytime and evening blend contains herbs which have been used for centuries and are perfect to drink along side a clean diet. The daytime blend should be had first thing in the morning and evening blend 30 minutes after your evening meal. These blends of teas will leave you feeling much move energetic and healthier- I love a good brew!

Are you having skin troubles lately? Does the Facetox detox tempt you?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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