Is Fitness Gear Becoming The New Active Wear? Niki P London

So I am currently sat at my desk with my Niki P London leggings on ready to go to the gym later- ‘why don’t you put your leggings on just before you leave to go to the gym’ do I hear you scream? Since becoming a full time blogger I have pretty much been wearing my fitness gear 24/7, I mean I often find myself buzzing around all over the place so looking stylish and being comfortable at the same time is always an added bonus. So with fitness gear becoming the new ‘active wear’, I am so happy that Niki P London has embraced the market and has designed these gorgeous legging to fit for both purposes.

Not only do I love the fact that they are bright and vibrant but they also have anti camel toe technology- so the worry of the ol’ camel toe creeping through is no longer. This wearable art is designed by Niki who is a talented artist who spreads happiness through her creativity (her work is honestly insane). Her #ReasonsToSmile crowdfunding campaign has launched this week and I would love for you guys to head on over to support her by clicking here. You can also pick up a pair of these snazzy leggings on there too they are seriously amazing quality!

Do you also wear fitness leggings most of the time? Let me know below.
Much Love
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