My Beach Abs Routine & South Beach OOTD

This time of year I love updating my Summer fitness wardrobe; the sports bras are out and a few investments have been made into a few good pairs of shorts. Any excuse to show off a bit more of my Summer tan ey. So in combination with this sweet workout outfit from South Beach, I have also incorporated a much requested Beach Ab Workout Routine. This is one of my videos that I shot out in Fueteventura and I cannot wait for you guys to check out the rest of them!

With the UK weather currently being a yoyo, I mean, one minute there’s a huge heat wave reaching over 30 degrees and the next it’s tipping down with rain, my fitness wardrobe definitely needs to be in check for both occasions. These Mira Monotone Letter Print Fitness Shorts teamed with the Spirit Back Detail Strap Cropped Top is the perfect outfit to choose in order to stay cool this Summer. I personally love how loose and comfortable the shorts felt whilst working out and I am also smitten with the ‘criss cross’ design on the back of the top. South Beach currently have a new fitness range out  and you guys miss definitely should check it out if you are wanting to add a little extra TPC to your fitness wardrobe this Summer (so check it out by clicking here).

My Beach Ab Workout Routine (click here) contains a number of simple exercises which will help you tone up your tummy and it can be done pretty much anywhere (no gym kit required!). It’s a routine that I have been following for a while now and it is perfect for beginners and for those who have been exercising for a while. Be sure to leave a thumbs (if you liked the video of course) and subscribe to my channel.

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What do you make of this fitness outfit?

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