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Ut oh it’s May and that means one thing… exam season! Now I know some of you will be preparing for GSCEs, A Levels, High School Finals, and University/Collage exams, so I thought that I would give you all on the load down on the dos and don’ts for exam preparation. Fortunately for me this is my first year in 7 years that I haven’t had to study for exams because I have pretty much done all of the named above. I graduated from university last year (click here to read about that) and I have decided to give myself a year (or two) out to decide what direction that I want to take in life. So who knows whether or not I will have to re-visit the dreaded exam revision again. 

I wanted to create this video because I pretty know all about the dos and don’ts of exam revision. At GCSE I didn’t really take revision that seriously (I was the girl who just talked and giggled too much in class) but I still managed to get really good grades. At A Level my whole attitude towards revision completely changed- I became obsessive and I was totally focused. In my AS exams I walked out with AAABB (when I predicted C’s and D’s) and in A2 I attained AAAB and got a place at Law School at the University of Reading. I was extremely chuffed with my grades but looking back I would certainly change a few things. Throughout my A Levels I would study for like 12-14 hours a day and I would even study 5-6 months in advance. There are so many reasons other than ‘wanting to go to uni’ that made me so motivated, but putting those reasons to one side, I felt like that I was losing that giggly and chatty girl that I once was. When I got to University my obsessive attitude towards revision continued until I realised that there were other ways to being successful at revision other than spending 14 hours a day on it. However it was here where I changed my ways and walked out with a 2.1 in my Law degree whilst obtaining a first in my finals (so my changes were most definitely for the better). Therefore if you are in need of a few tips, please watch my Study Tips: Dos and Don’ts video by clicking here or on the thumbnail below.

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Do you have any studying tips that you would like to share?
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