Fr12day Post: 12 Ways To Lose Weight

With Summer vacations coming up, it is no hidden lie that we all want to look our best. Whilst I highly disagree with crash diets, you can lose weight naturally by changing a few things in your life. So in this quick Fr12day post, here are a number things that you can do in order to shift a few pounds:

1. Quite the obvious, move more
Introduce some exercise into your routine, for example walk or cycle to work rather than driving. Join a gym or even go for some leisurely walks in the evening. Anything is better than being a couch potato!

2. Portion Control
Limit your portions- don’t go stacking your plate up high! You can control your portions by eating your food on a smaller plate or invest in some portion control tools (like measuring spoons and cups).

3. Cut out drinking sugary drinks
Drink fresh water and replace coffee and tea with green tea. You’ll be surprised on how quickly you will go off sugary drinks.

5. Avoid processed foods, eat as fresh as you can

Cook your meals from scratch and avoid ready made meals- there’s a tone of sugar in them!

4. Eat a high protein breakfast
Boil an egg or include low fat cottage cheese and nut butter into smoothies- it tastes delicious! A high protein breakfast will help you remain full which consequently means less snacking!

4. Drink Plenty of Water
A hydrated body is a hydrate mind!

5. Interval Training
Do a HIIT workout, this burns off a tone of calories!

6. Get Plenty of Sleep
You won’t end up tired to work out!

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7. Invest in a Waist Trainer
Waist trainers are know to suppress hunger and also firm and tone your stomach.

8. Take supplements if needed
There are a mixed opinions around fat burners but they are an option if you are eating well and exercising regularly. They will not work on their own.

9. Invest in a new fitness wardrobe!
If you are anything like me, fitness clothes seriously make me go to the gym. So invest in a good gym shoe and go and show them off girl (or boy!).

10. Set Realistic Goals 
Setting up a target weight/or goal will seriously motivate you to get into good shape (maybe pin up a picture of Michelle Keegan on your fridge).

11. Eat less but more times a day
Eating smaller portions 4-5 times a day will help to increase your metabolism.

12. Get support from family and friends
Maybe exercise with a friend or go for a walk with a family member, this way you can encourage one a another!

What do you do in order to lose weight?

Much Love



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