Younique Mascara

I bet you’ve never seen mascara as posh as this before? Younique is a US based cosmetics company who offer a galore of gorgeous products. What makes this company ever so different from the rest is their PR and blogger friendly ethos. Now everyone pretty much knows that the blogging world has very close relations to social media and the digital world. They’re almost like a brother and sister to one another and it is this very point what makes ‘Younique’ unique. With products being made to tailor to the ultimate beauty guru, these products are not sharaded by commercialism in any way. Which to some degree is kind of nice. So on receipt of my very snazzy mascara I was too excited to try it! I think my pictures below really do show how lovely this product really is (well they do say that pictures speak a thousand words!).

As you can see, the mascara and fibres are not clumpy at all

As you can see in the image above, this mascara sure does make a difference! Moodstruck 3D fibre lashes are Younique’s best selling product as it aids in magnifying and defining lashes. Their simple three-step process combines Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibres to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to existing lashes. I personally followed their guidance of the following:

  1. Apply a coat of ordinary mascara and let it dry.
  2. Apply Moodstruck Transplanting Gel to your lashes.
  3. Immediately (whilst the mascara is still wet) apply the Natural Fibres.
  4. Reapply the Transplanting Gel to secure the fibres.

The results were incredible and I could really see a difference! The product also made my eyes seem brighter and wider which was definitely an added bonus. I reckon this product is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to get artificial lashes but who wants to gain that magnifying look. You can buy this product for $29.00 which will last you up to 3 months! (Click here).

What do you make of this mascara?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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