Gemporia| Topaz Watch & My Love For Stacker Rings

Summer jewellery has got to be one of the most satisfying purchases of the year. Rather than being covered up with a thick pair of gloves that my nan once knitted, I can instead showcase my wrists with something a little dazzling. So with my Country Attire outfit that I wore over the weekend (post click here) I took my Summer style to another level with some Gemporia hidden treasures from the Topaz range.

I chose this watch because it reminded me of an Alice In Wonderland clock (don’t you agree?). Some of you may remember that I was once a self proclaimed ‘non watch’ wearer- cutting a long story short but when my twin sister and I were born, my sister had her umbilical cord caught around her wrist (which as you can imagine caused a little drama) and since we have never liked anyone touching our wrists or frosting them with something a little glamorous. However since first wearing a Daniel Wellington watch almost 2 and a half years now, I have since been obsessed with leather strap watches. I find leather strapped watches to be the perfect day watch as they are light, don’t get in the way and look extreme stylish against any outfit. What I love about this Topaz Watch watch is that it for one has a leather strap, but it also has this elegant diamante face which sparkles in the sun. Its style is quirky and unique which makes it even more loveable in my book.

Along with midi rings, stack rings have got to be my favourite style of ring to wear. I’m not for one to wear multiple rings on more than two fingers, so being able to ‘stack’ them all on one finger works best for me. These White Topz Sterling Silver Set of 3 Stacker are most definitely the definition of hand porn, I’m totally besotted with them! I love that they aren’t too sparkly or OTT, they sit perfectly and offer a really sophisticated presence. If you are too a stacker ring lover, definitely go and check out the Gemporia website (they have so many to choose from, especially check out the white gemstones-click here).

What I love about Gemporia is that they have a really user friendly website- they have a ‘recommend for you’ section and also an app to help you measure your ring size. Jewellery shopping has never been made so easy!

What would your Summer statement jewellery be?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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