Zoella’s Christmas Advent Calendar 2017 | Honest Review

Last week I posted my ‘Zoella Advent Calendar 2017’ video (see below) and the comments had a mixture of thoughts and opinions. Zoella’s Christmas range came out on the 5th September and in her range is this beautiful 12 day (lifestyle) advent calendar. With most beauty/lifestyle advent calendar’s ranging between £15-40, I was a little taken back when I discovered that this one was £50! Anyway I wasn’t going to comment without seeing what’s inside, so, let’s open up a few door to see if the products are really worth £50.

Starting with my favourites, the calendar contained two candles and a room spray. These products are seriously gorgeous and I especially love the smell of the Festive Cookie Candle which smells like freshly baked ginger-bread-men. The Christmas Clementine Candle and Room Spray also smell amazing and they remind me of oranges and cloves; so very fresh with a festive spice. I reckon that if these products were sold separately they would be the most expensive out of the whole lot. These products are definitely worth it!

Next the calendar had a note pad, gift stickers, confetti, a pencil case, and a pen. If I am totally honest with you I didn’t expect to see some confetti and stickers in a £50 12 day advent calendar. Nevertheless the stickers have been beautifully designed but I would of liked to have seen more in the calendar (as there are only 6 included). I also like the designs on the notepad, pencil case, and pen, so you can tell that the creative element of the calendar has really been thought about. I guess designing something looking so beautiful can’t be that cheap to do?

Lastly the calendar also had two shape cut outs (for baking), a pom pom key ring, and a porcelain Christmas decoration. Now I thought that these items were very Zoella! However again, receiving two cut out shapes which are worth around 50p in a £50 calendar is very unexpected. I do absolutely love my brand new pom pom and Christmas decoration to go on my tree though!

Overall I really did like the Zoella advent calendar but I do think that it is slightly pricey. I know that a few of you also said this in the comments of my video, however, it is worth remembering that things like this are really not cheap to produce (especially considering how well the products have been designed!).

What do you make of the new Zoella Advent Calendar? Don’t forget to watch my Zoella’s Christmas Advent Calendar 2017 video! Much Love, Eltoria x

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