July Beauty Favourites| Veet, Roger & Gallet & Much More

Are we seriously at the end of July already? I don’t know about you guys but I reckon this year is flying by, soon it will be Christmas (eeek). Anways, this July has been a pretty hectic one for me- lots of weddings, parties, BBQ’s, and a few things have been getting rather busy here on this blog (so keep you eyes open for that). I have also been trying lots of new products and like my last June favourites (click here), I really couldn’t wait to share it with you all. If some of you didn’t know, like most of us, I used to be pretty scared trying out new products, it wasn’t like I was ‘scared scared’ but I used to stick to what I knew. So starting this blog up in 2013 (ahhh I’m almost at my second birthday) I have learnt to reach out of the comfort zone and try out a lot more new things. So let’s get talking about favourites. I have been using Veet for years and in a recent hair removal documentary (click here) I said that creams were my favourite form of hair removal (and nothing has changed since then). Natural Inspirations by Veet is one of their newest products and it is hair removal cream which gives you long lasting smoothness that lasts up to twice as long as shaving. What I love about this product is its scent- it’s grape ‘twang’ let my skin feeling extra soft, more softer than their other removal creams. This product really does work on short hair so you can have soft legs all of the time (oooh la la). I almost want to completely de-veet my boyfriends legs in a YouTube video (he’s yet to know about this), so do comment below if you want to see that! You can pick up a tube for £6.99.

This SASS Soothe and Smoothe Shave Gel sure does leave your legs feeling all sassy like (see what I did there). SASS is slightly different to your normal shaving gel because it is designed to allow smoother shaving in your most intimate areas. The purifying Salicylic Acid and the exfoliating fruit enzymes help to protect against ingrown hairs and razor bumps, while the crystal clear formulation enables you to shave more precisely. I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I have to say that my skin, especially under my arms, are free from razor bumps and they feel less irritable after shaving. I have also been shaving my legs with this gel and again, no irritation and it has allowed the razor to shave short hairs. You can pick up a tube for £10.00 (click here). 

Like you guys and most of my friends know, I like a bit of fake tan. You probably would think that I was lying if I said that I used to hate it (quite evidently I must have been using the wrong tanning products at the time). For me, how good a tanning product is how it looks, develops, lasts and feels on the skin. And as you can see in the comparison below (tan being on the right leg), this tan is very natural and has given a gorgeous light brown colour. This tan is a mousse and as most of you probably know that I prefer a lotion for a many of reasons. For instance, whilst I thought that I applied this tan everywhere with a mit, there’s is in fact a slight streak in the inside of my calf. I feel that with lotions you are able to see where you are putting it whereas it is quite difficult with mousses. Overall this tan did not dry out my skin and it lasted on my skin for around 4 days. You can pick up a bottle of this No More White Bits tan for only £2.66 by clicking here… it’s a perfect bargain tan!

Little shot of all of my July favourites together

I first fell in love with Treacle Moon shower gels back when I compared Warm Cinnamon Nights and Honeycomb Secret against expensive ones from LUSH (click here), Raspberry Kiss is just utterly divine, there are no words for it other than it smells like raspberries and leaves your skin mighty hydrated (and not to mention lasts ages in this huge bottle). What I also love about Treacle Moon is that they are partnered with the charity Bully’s Out who help to provide information about bullying to individuals, schools, workplaces and the community. They also like to donate money to the charity each month too, so this buy will also be a charitable one too. You can pick up a bottle for £2.99 by clicking here.

Oh my good goodness, hang on a minute I need to sit down. This Fleur de Figui perfume is just mighty fine, and I really do mean ‘fine’ in the sexy kind. Some of you will know that I really have fallen head over heels for Roger & Gallet products because all of the their products smell great and last on the skin for a very long time. Talking of the lasting effect on the skin, I would have to say that they mirror and last as long as LUSH products (and that takes a lot for me to say that). This Fleur de Figui perfume reveals the fresh tones of delightful fruit- initially you are enveloped by fig leaves and fresh mandarin flowers, then the milk and notes of wood create a warm and creamy background. I have to say that this perfume isn’t light, it is in fact quite strong, so I would say you would like this perfume if you like the strength of Chanel perfumes for example. This perfume smells so good to me that I have also been spraying it around the house as air freshener… it stays in the air for ages! You can pick up a bottle for £17.00 by clicking here.

This liquid eye-liner from Artdeco has made creating ‘cat flicks’ and putting eyeliner on the (dreaded) top lid much easier. I would say that the texture of this eyeliner is slightly loose and watery which in my opinion makes it a lot easier to apply. This product contains carbon black pigments for an intensive deep black line, and as you can see from the images below, that this is quite evident. The brush is also made out of the finest fibres which makes it a precise and flexible tip upon application (I have even created sharp edges in the middle line below). This liner is fragrance free and is suitable for all contact lens wearers. Artdeco advise to apply along the lashes from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. You can pick one up for £20.50 by clicking here.

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What’s been on your July favourites list?

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