Halloween Doll Makeup

Ok, I think that I am a teeny weeny a bit excited for Halloween this year and who can blame me? I have two parties to attend to! If some of you have been following my blog or Instagram recently you will know that I have been recreating some Halloween looks for you all, namely: The Black Swan, a Pumpkin, and a half faced Skeleton! But fear not, the Halloween bug has not stopped there. For a more feminine look, I decided to create a Spooky Doll as I appreciate that some people do not like putting a whole face of face paint on. You can create this look by simply using items out of your own make up bag! Whilst using products from elf cosmetics, I was able to create this doll look in an extremely affordable way. Check out my 4 easy steps below; you’ll soon be looking like a spooky Halloween doll in no time!

1: Base your face in a lighter foundation for a more effective look.
2: I applied white eye-shadow/face-paint under my eyes (in almost a half moon shape). I then used the Cream Eye Liner by elf (in black) to define the white edge and to create lashes. Then using any colour you want (I used two tones of purple) apply the eye shadow bringing the colour up towards your eyebrows. To add definition, use a darker tone (of the colour you have selected) to define your crease and outer eye. Apply white eye shadow/face paint under your eyebrow arch for a more dramatic look. Fill in your eyebrows with a darker colour (also make them a little thicker).
3. Again, with the Cream Eye Liner by elf, I drew a line on either side of my mouth towards the edge of my jaw line. I then ‘crossed’ and ‘dashed’ downwards to create more of a haunted look. Using Tanya Burr’s lip gloss in Vampires Kiss, define your cupids bow and bring the lip stick/ lip gloss down slightly beyond your lips to make them look a little more thicker and vertical. Do not fill in the edge of your lips; you want to make them a little ‘pouty’. Do use lip liner for more of a effective look.
4. Add some blusher to your cheeks (in a circular shape) and pop your hair up into bunches!

Will you be a spooky doll this Halloween?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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