Lola Striped Oversized Shirt & The Perfect Black Jegging

Once upon a time I used to hate wearing shirts, but all thanks to my River Island denim shirt which can be seen in my ‘The Perfect Denim Shirt post’, I have become a little obsessed. Whilst surfing the internet in search for two new casual outfits, I came across this easy going Lola Striped Oversized Shirt from Boohoo which I thought would make the perfect casual/work wear top. However when it comes to a shirt’s length, I am one fussy customer. A shirt for me cannot be too short (unless it is meant to be tucked in), or it must be oversized… otherwise I am not happy. As you can see with this Lola Striped Oversized Shirt, it is perfectly oversized and I have even gone for a half tucked in look which I think looks super cute. This shirt only set me back £15.00... what a bargain!

The bargain of the day actually came from these high waisted black denim jeggings from Boohoo which only cost £10.00! (I would link you to the website, but it appears that I may of stolen the last pair). If I had a choice between buying a pair of black denim jeans, or buying a black pair of denim jeggings, I will always go for the latter. Jeggings are so much more comfortable and body friendly I think! Despite my pair no longer being in stock, Boohoo actually are my current favourite affordable brand to buy jeggings, jeans and leggings from. So be sure to go and check them out (I am currently eyeing up a pair of Tara Mid Rise Biker Skinny Jeans).

Lastly, I just need to apologise for not being as present on Twitter, Instagram and even on here recently. In the last few weeks I have had a lot go on in my personal life, but I promise that I am now back (no more skipping post deadlines!). I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Have you bought anything exciting from Boohoo recently? Would you wear a shirt like this? Let me know in the comments.
Much Love
Eltoria x


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