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I think it’s that time of year where getting thirsty doesn’t only happen in our mouths. Having dry and brittle ends during the warmer months is quite common amongst most us ladies, but you can overcome those ‘parched ends’ by ensuring that you hydrate your hair much more regularly. Now I had an excuse to kick start mission ‘no drought’ because I ombre’d my hair for the first time a few months ago and we all know what happens when you apply bleached based hair dyes to your ends… yep I would call it a drought alright! I wouldn’t say that my hair was so brittle that it was snapping off, but I would say that my hair was feeling extremely dry for a while (you know when it gets that slight straw feeling). So the only way to sort this little problem out was to put my hair on a strict rehabilitation programme prescribing three different hair medicines (or should I be less dramatic and say three deep hair conditioners). Now there are three ingredients that I mainly look out for in deep hair conditioners and they are the following: Argan Oil, Keratin, Protein, and Biotin. These ingredients are highly moisturising and strengthening to the hair, and I need to mention that I have been known to use egg based products (or eggs themselves) to add more protein into my hair… yep the lengths I go for beauty. Eggs aside, here are the three drug store deep hair conditioners that I have been using recently:

Deep Hair Conditioners: Apply for up to 20 minutes before shampooing and conditioning your hair

Loreal Elvive Full Restore: This was the first hair mask that I used to kick off my ‘hair rehab’ programme, and I must say that this product sure does make your hair feel and look a lot more soft and shiny. Now I must be honest with you all, I wasn’t too crazy on this products ingredients (except for the Keratin) and nor was I too in love on it’s general fix, I mean, I wouldn’t say that this product did wonders for my hair but I would say that this product is perfect for that temporary ‘quick fix’. So nevertheless, if you need your hair to look on point for a special occasion then this is your product. You can pick up Loreal’s Elvive Full Restore for £5.09 from Boots.

Keratin Plus Hydrating Hair Mask: I picked up this product up for £9.00 in TK Maxx as it as reduced from £23.00 and I must say that I wasn’t overly too impressed with it. This mask is enriched with Keratin, Protein, and Argain Oil (so all of my bonus hair ingredients) but it just didn’t shine for me. I mean, I think that this product would show amazing results if it was used for a very long time (mind you I did use it for 3 months) but it didn’t leave that soft and glossy finish like most other deep hair conditioners do. I know I’m kind of comparing here but I do think that this product would work if you didn’t have very dry/damaged hair (so it’s kind of good for a booster). You can pick this product up for £9.00 at TK Maxx.

Tip: I like to deep condition my hair 3-4 times a week but this is wholly hair dependant. Try and get that happy balance. 

Bead Head Tigi Urban Antidotes Energize Treatment Mask: This deep conditioner is the kiss of life for hair, it is INCREDIBLE. To be honest I hadn’t used a Bed Head product before using this one and I have to say, I now want my next shampoo and conditioner to come from them. Not only did this product make my hair feel and look soft and glossy (just like Loreal Elvive Full Restore did) but it also strengthened and rehydrated my hair. I have been using this product for a good month now and I can already say that I can feel and see a huge improvement. It’s thick cream is infused with mineral oil and it also contains reflection injectors which kicks dull hair to the kurb (hooray). I like to use this product three times a week (leaving it in for 20 minutes at a time) and it doesn’t make my hair feel greasy at all (which is amazing). You can buy this product for £8.99 from Hairtrade.

Drug store hair conditioners you have done me proud! What deep hair conditioners will you be using to treat your thirsty ends?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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