South Beach Bikini

Since booking a holiday to South Africa this June, I have not stopped gazing and browsing at bikinis on the internet (just to mention I will be doing a bit of a cheeky Safari so do keep your eyes open for that). So with an eager eye searching for that perfect buy, I was absolutely chuffed when South Beach gave me the opportunity to review one of their bikinis! I have been a fan of South Beach since a friend introduced them to me over a year ago, and it has been really lovely to see such a well reputable brand grow so much within a short time period. If you have never heard of South Beach before I can tell you this, their style is almost like the ‘fashionable edgy sister’ version to Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch (well I think so) and they stock some really gorgeous stuff. The brand has quickly become renowned for its distinctive designs with vibrant colours and on trend prints- and I really think that my little number really illustrates this quite well don’t you think?

The bikini I chose was the Brianne Neon Red & White Structured Bikini Top with the Brianne Neon Red & White Side Tie Brief and isn’t it just fabulous? I must firstly comment on its quality because it truly is stunning- it definitely feels like a high quality bikini and its affordable price makes this bikini send extra tingles around my body (we all love a good deal don’t we). What I mainly love about this bikini is its extra padding, now ladies I am not ashamed to share with you all that I am not particularly ‘busty’ around the chest area (my twin sister decided to hog all of that gene) so having that extra lift really does help. I also really love this pink, white, and black pattern-it looks so good against a tan (now all I need is a leopard print one for South Africa!). You can pick up the Brianne Bikini Top for £16.00 and the Brianne Side Tie Brief for £12.00. South Beach are also expanding on their clothing, fitness, and accessory range so go ahead and take a peek!

Will you be buying your Summer bikinis from South Beach (click here) this year?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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