All Things Soap & Glory

Scrub’em, leave’em and creamy clarifying- oh you are full of puns Soap & Glory. I must admit I have never ever tried any of their products, only was I allured by the pretty packaging down the isle in Boots. Usually I only get my body care from LUSH or The Body Shop but I thought it was about time I ventured onto something new. This week I picked up ‘SCRUB’ EM and LEAVE’ EM’ body buff and ‘CLEAN ON ME’ shower gel. Now I only got the small sample size because I wanted to give them a good go before buying their humongous (yet extremely great for value) products. I have generally never seen body care be so huge, the pots utterly amazing. If you don’t even want to buy their products, just go and have a look at their isle in Boots because its honestly like stepping into America (where everything is just twice as big). But nonetheless, two treats for £5.00? Bargain.


The thickness of this product is to die for, I have never used a scrub so luxurious! This product contains sea salt, glycerine, jojoba oil, and seed oil which if fabulous to anyone who has dry skin. I bought this product after becoming hooked on Cocoa Brown tan (click here to see post) so I needed a new scrub that was as good (or even better) than the one which came with the Cocoa Brown set. This scrub left my skin feeling ever so soft creating a subtle, not potent, scent too. I bought this small pot for £3.50 (50 ml) but the 300ml is only £8.00!

CLEAN ON ME Shower Gel

Not only is it a shower gel, but it is a 2-1 shower gel so there is no need to moisturise after using this one ladies (or gents!). The built in body lotion makes this product extremely thick which only requires the smallest amount upon application.This product contains natural mandarin peel and citric acid which is the perfect cocktail for toning out your skin for the summer season! I bought this small bottle for £1.50 (75ml) but the 500 ml is only £6.00! 

Will you be trying out the glory of all soap? (see what I did there)

Much Love

Eltoria x