It’s Bathtime in Bath!

Relax and Take a Bath!

Magical colours or a method of therapy?

Sometimes we all just want to enjoy a hot soak in the bath, but which sort of bath bomb or bubble bath should we use? Is a bath in fact like a therapy session? Well here is my conclusion…


Baths for me are like my heaven. Usually I choose bath products based on colour-usually pinks and red because they appear ‘berry’ like. However ingredients are key! ‘Twilight’ from LUSH Cosmetics is infused with French lavender and Ylang Ylang oil which is fabulous for anxiety and stress- also known as a ‘refreshing note to a tired mind’. LUSH bath bombs also contain sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and cream of tartar which are all good for skin making it feel soft and supple. This bath bomb also changed colours-white, pink, blue and purple (with lots of glitter too!). I believe that selecting the right bath-bomb involves looking for the right ingredients- after all you wouldn’t want citrusy sweet scents if you had a migraine!. So yes, inevitably we should all think about what our minds and bodies want!

Here are a few snaps that I posted onto my Instagram page. Enjoy
your next bath!

1- ‘Honey Bee’ by LUSH Cosmetics
2- ‘Avobath’ by LUSH Cosmetics
3- ‘Rose Queen’ by LUSH Cosmetics

Twilight in action- so pretty!

 1- Honey is good for those with sensitive skin!

3- Rose is good for redness and soreness!


2-Lime and Avocado is good for toning the skin!