THE REAL WALKING DEAD| Brokerswood Zombie Apocalypse

I literally had the best time on Saturday night and it involved being chased by zombies in a forest (yeah for real). For my friend Mark’s 30 birthday, his wife arranged for us all to go camping and experience the Zombie Apocalypse (in the style of the Walking Dead and 28 Days Later) at Brokerswood Country Park in Wiltshire. I have never been so scared or physically pumped for such activity, and watching some of my friends bail onto the floor in sheer fright was just hilarious. The experience consisted of two games; the first being put into groups for a scavenger hunt, and the second was a 28 Days Later style ‘free for all’ zombie experience. 

So in the first game we all had to be attached to one another (with carabiner clips and rope) and the idea was to follow a map to identify the key stations where we would collect our team’s yellow glow sticks. However whilst navigating our way around the forest, zombies would jump out on us and start chasing us. It was honestly so much fun! Fortunately in this game my team managed to win in record time… my competitiveness nature sure did come out in this game! 

The second game required us to all wear head torches because we were going to be in the forest, on our own, with zombies wondering about (this definitely would not be for you if you don’t like being in the dark, or zombies for that matter). We also had to wear glow stick necklaces around our necks so that we could be noticeable to the zombies (we were pretty much walking targets). Once you got caught, you then turned into a zombie yourself- luckily I only got caught with three minutes to go!

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After the second game had ended, we headed back to the BBQ area to have some food and to toast some marshmallows on the fire. We then headed back to camp to hang out around the lake. Be sure to check out my YouTube video by clicking on the thumbnail above, there is seriously some good footage in there! I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who loves a bit of an adventure (and of course the dark and zombies too!).

Would you do a zombie run like this?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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