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When I discover new makeup it literally excites me- there’s nothing better than discovering new products which can save you a few bob. Recently I have been using various products from Misslyn and Artdeco to which I have found some right gems. So let’s firstly start with Misslyn. If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel you would’ve picked up that I used a few products from the Misslyn range in my Tanya Burr vs Fleur De Force Makeup video. If Misslyn sounds strangely familiar to you (like it did to me), the company’s story began more than 30 years ago as one of the leading brands for nail and lash products. In 2011, they have come back onto the market offering makeup which draws the attention to the female beauty and its seductive effect on men… you can wrap the man of your dreams up around your little finger. So let’s take a look at some new products!

First, let’s start with this Eye-Mazing Eyeshadow Palette. Not only is the case ever so cute and attractive, but the shades inside are also unique. The palette combines satin and glittery shades which can all be blended with one another to create the perfect day or night look. Personally I found each shade to be extremely pigmented and the colours are absolutely gorgeous; just check out Style Fever and Run fever *heart faced emoji*. To finish off the eye, I used Pretty Big Volume Mascara and boy, doesn’t it add va-va-voom! The brush is extra large which enables the perfect lash volume in one application and the ultra black texture creates stunning volume without sticking the lashes together. Both of these items are the perfect ‘go to ‘ items to keep in your handbag.

Next up is the Misslyn Cream to Matte Lipstick in Shade True Identity– and don’t let it’s subtle appearance fool you. You will note in my YouTube video that I thought that this shade was a pale subtle colour but instead it turned out to be a cute candy pink shade. Talk about a pigeon turning into a flamingo! I personally love this cream to matte texture; it’s not too drying nor is it too glossy and it is perfect if you suffer with sore and chappy lips now and again. Lastly check out this Misslyn Effect Top Coat with pink hearts… cuteness overload! This would look perfect on top of any shade.

Now it’s time to move onto Artdeco. A few years ago I reviewed Artdeco’s High Precision Liquid Liner and it is honestly the best liquid eyeliner that I have ever used (and it still holds that first place position). So this time I had a few other makeup products to try out and not going to lie, the expectations were high. I received a few limited edition designer products from the Hypnotic Blossom range which are adorned with funky and bright colours. First up to try were these new Mat Lip Powders in the shades: Hypnotic Red, Lovely Blossom and Hibiscus Blossom. Admittedly these lip products were completely alien to me as I had never used lip powders before and in my own opinion, these powders are just astonishing. They’re not entirely rich colours but they are perfect if you are looking for subtle shade. You can directly apply these onto the lip, or you can wear them on top of a lipgloss. They are definitely worth trying!

This Mineral Eye Styler in shade 54 is absolutely incredible; it is honestly one of the most pigmented eyeliners that I have ever used. Not only is it a gorgeous grey tone, but it is also waterproof which makes it perfect for watery eyes. I also picked up this pretty nifty Beauty Box from the Hypnotic Range which is ideal for putting your perfect ‘go to’ Artdeco eyeshadow in there. Lastly I tried out the Artdeco Apricot Azalea Blush which is a peachy tone making it the perfect colour to compliment my cheeks. Yet again I was pleasantly surprised by the Artdeco range and I will be updating my makeup bag with a few more items before we head into Spring.

Which bit of makeup did you like the sound of?
Much Love
Eltoria x

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