Facemask Review- Find the best one for you!

There’s nothing better than kicking off those heels, glass of wine in one hand, TV remote in the other relaxing with a deep cleansing face mask on your face…. this should definitely be done at least once a week ladies! Selecting the right face-mask is personal as we all have different skin types. Whether or not we’re exposed to icy weather, central heating or even overdoing it in the sun we all should take time in finding the right one, after all you wouldn’t want your skin to be left too oily or too dry! Face-masks help to treat the many ‘under layers’ to the skin drawing out dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin. They can also tighten, prevent blemishes and add essential vitamins too. Our skin approximately goes through a ’28 day cycle’ so regularly using a face-mask will keep your skin well nourished, healthy and impurity free. For the last few weeks I have made it my mission to find the best face-masks for all the different skin types i.e. dry, oily, combination and sensitive. 

Sensitive skin/dry skin

To truly have sensitive skin means that your skin frequently reacts badly to skin products, cosmetics and even the environment. Sensitive skin is categorized into four types: acne, rosacea, burning and stinging. If you suffer from sensitive skin you need to be cautious of certain ingredients which may cause irritation. Citric acid, vitamin C, glycolic acid and azaelic acid are examples which may cause burning and stinging to the skin.

Oatifix- LUSH Cosmetics

£5.95- leave on for 10 minutes

Oatifix is rich with gentle ingredients such as bananas, vanilla and oats which are all cooling and extremely nourishing on the skin. The illipe butter helped to reduce the redness from my skin and the ground almonds gave a slight ex foliation. I left this face-mask on for 10 minutes which made my skin feel extremely hydrated and soft. It is advised that this face-mask should be stored in the fridge as it is handmade with the freshest ingredients. I rate this face-mask 7.5/10 as it was a pain to rinse off!

Honey & Oat Mask- The Body Shop

£10.00- leave on for 10 minutes

THIS MASK SMELT AMAZING! The Body Shop’s Honey & Oat facemask is a 3-in-1 scrub mask which cleanses, polishes and moisturises in one. A weekly use of this product will help remove dead cells and blackheads whilst also adding moisture to the skin. Although this product smelt amazing I was expecting it to be slightly more scrubby, but it’s grainy texture certainly left my skin feeling it soft. I rate this product 8/10 as it could of been a little more scrubby.

Oily skin/sensitive 

Murad Clarifying Mask

£38.00- leave on for 10 minutes

This mask contains kaolin and bentonite which draws out dirt and bacteria leaving the skin looking beautifully soft and shine free. The liquorice extract helped to condition my skin whilst the green seed powerfully protected my skin from free radical damage. This product left my skin looking less shiny and dull. I rate this product 9/10!

Catastrophe Cosmetic- LUSH 

£5.95- leave on for 10 minutes

‘When disaster looms Catastrophe Cosmetic calms and cleanses the skin’. Blueberries rich in beneficial anti-oxidants, soothing chamomile, and irish moss help with sore and irritable skin. Face-masks with talc in them help to absorb excess oils allowing the skin to look less shiny. This facemask left my skin looking less aggravated but it however was a pain to get off. I therefore rate this face-mask 9/10. (It is also advised that this face-mask should be stored in the fridge as it is handmade using the freshest ingredients).

Cosmetic Warrior- LUSH

£5.95- leave on for 10 minutes

This face-mask didn’t smell very nice at all. This face-mask contains antiseptic ingredients such as garlic, tea tree, honey and deep cleansing kaolin. Despite the smell, it did leave my skin looking less shiny but I didn’t feel it was as good as Cosmetic Catastrophe above. I feel this face-mask would be good for those who suffer from congested pores rather than actual acne. I rate this mask 5/10. (It is also advised that this face-mask should be stored in the fridge as it is handmade using the freshest ingredients).


Combination Skin

Combination skin usually represents an oily t-zone (forehead and nose) where the rest of the face is either dry or normal.

 Very Berry- Montagne Jeunesse

99p- leave on for 15 minutes

This face-mask smelt and looked utterly amazing! It’s shiny texture was just beautiful. This face-mask is bursting with the juice of pressed blueberries, crushed cranberries and nourishing ingredients such as peach kernel oil and soothing aloe which left my skin refreshed and cleansed. I rate this face-mask 10/10– I really couldn’t fault it!

Glacial Clay Spa- £1.20 Deep Cleansing Clay Formula- 99p

I then went to try Glacial Clay Spa by Montagne Jeunesse and Deep Cleansing Clay Formula by Mudd. The natural rush of Glacial Clay on my skin left my pores feeling extremely refreshed. This mask also contains red grape and arctic cloud-berry which helps to regenerate the skins natural barrier. I rate this mask 9/10! It was beautiful just like ‘Red Berry’. The Deep Cleansing Clay Formula by Mudd helps to tone and tighten the skin which inevitably protects the pores from blackheads. This face-mask felt extremely drying and itchy on my face where I had to take it off after 4 minutes! I rate this face-mask 5.5/10 as I didn’t find it relaxing or enjoyable to have on my face.

Ageing skin

 Ayesha- LUSH 

£5.95- leave on for 10 minutes

This face-mask has elderflower infusion and vinegar to balance out the skin tone, honey to moisturise and kiwi to add vitamin C to the skin. Ayesha also contains asparagus and witch hazel which helps to break down and tighten the skin. Ayesha left my skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. I rate this mask 7.5/10! (It is also advised that this face-mask should be stored in the fridge as it is handmade using the freshest ingredients).

Oily Skin 

Usually you can tell whether or not someone has oily skin because the skin surface appears much more shinier. However if you suffer from acne, blocked pores and blackheads then this could also can be an indication.  Products containing coconut oil and avocado may increase irritation in people with acne- so therefore ‘high fat’ oils must be avoided. Oily skin can be caused by the following:

1. Genetics– larger sebaceous glands that produce excess oil.
2. Seasonal Change– A rise in heat could cause the skin’s oil production to increase. In contrast, when the hair gets colder (and hence dryer) the skin can get dehydrated and excess oil may occur when it overcompensates on what it is missing.
3. Medication and Stress– ie hormonal birth control pills and in response to stress your body produces more androgen hormones.
4. Sun tanning- some people believe that sunbeds help reduce the appearance of acne- WRONG! It in fact produces a protection layer of oil in order to protect the skin surface.
5. Overuse/using wrong skin care products– using too much moisturiser can make your skin oily- the correct size is only a small nail size! Also if you have oily skin, try buying moisturisers which are low fat.

Warming Mineral Mask- The Body Shop

£10.00- leave on for 10 minutes

This face-mask DEFINITELY felt the best out of all the face-masks above. Once applied onto the skin, you get this beautiful warming sensation on the skin which feels extremely deep cleansing. This mask contains many minerals which absorbs excess oils and dirt from the pores. I rate this mask 9/10– it really is worth the buy!

MY WINNER! Mask of Magaminty- LUSH

£4.75- leave on for 5-7 minutes

MY GOSH! How refreshed did my pores feel? I can only describe this mask as ‘detol for the face’- it was truly amazing. This product contains peppermint oil which certainly made my pores feel extremely fresh- just like brushed teeth! This mask also contains aduki beans and evening primrose which allowed me to gently scrub my skin whilst removing the face-mask. This product is definitely deserves a massive 10/10!

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So there we go guys! Which face-mask will you be buying?