£20 Sequin Silver Long Dress

This silver sequin dress is the bargain of the century. If you follow my YouTube channel then you would know that I bought this from eBay in a Mystery box, meaning, I had no idea what I was going to get. Admittedly at first I thought this dress felt like a costume dress and I wasn’t sure on the material but once I put it on, my attitudes 100% changed. For £20 this eBay sure is worth every single penny!

I actually remember spending between £300-£400 on my prom dress when I was 16 which is ridiculous when you think about it because you only wear it for an evening. The dress is actually very similiar to my rose gold sequin dress that I wore last year to a wedding anniversary party. For more information on this dress please watch my YouTube video below:

What do you make of this dress? Drop me a comment below. Much love, Eltoria x

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