Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick Collection| Spicy Cinnamon, Royal Plum, Soft Plum, Rose Berry, Bubblegum Pink

If the new Joli Rouge range has any thing to do with the super gorgeous Angelina Jolie I know one thing, it has has VIP written all over it. The new lipstick range from Clarins is utterly amazing- I honestly cannot believe how good it really is. A couple of months ago in my Rimmel London lipstick post (click here), I stressed that wearing a lipstick that feels as though it is drying the life out of your lips is seriously the worst thing ever (even the thought of it makes me shudder). So with lips sore enough to make people question whether you are wearing ‘light red lipstick’, it was only until I discovered the Moisture Renew range by Rimmel London and the Joli Rouge range by Clarins that there was in fact a saviour to all sore and parched lips. Although I absolutely love many high brands like MAC and Charlotte Tilbury, sometimes their lipsticks do not necessarily have that ultra moisturising effect (even the MAC cremesheen lipsticks are a slight let down). So like the Moisture Renew range, will the new girl on the block be able live up to its Jolicious name?… I think so!

Each lipstick from the range has a creamy formula that leaves the lips with intense colour and a delicate satin finish. Enriched with Salicomia extract and mango oil, these lipsticks are able to keep your lips feeling mighty hydrated for 6 hours. For instance I first apply my Joli lipstick of choice around 7am in the morning and I do not have to top up until 1pm in the afternoon- so the 6 hour expectation is something that I can definitely confirm. I would have to say that that the new Joli range is a little more hydrating than the Moisture Renew range and they also smells a lot better (the delicious scent of the mango oil comes through). I would have to say that these lipsticks are just perfect for the wintry months ahead as they able to treat the lips whilst giving that desired punch of colour. Since using these lipsticks daily I have not yet suffered from sore and chappy lips (which is a blimmin’ miracle for this time of year).

Packaging wise, don’t you think they look gorgeous? The old packaging was rather weighty and the lipsticks were encased in an oval shaped silver cover which wasn’t as sleek as this new improved version. Shape wise, each lipstick has a slightly curved tip which hugs the contours of your lips perfectly which allows for precise application. So out of the 25 lipsticks that exist in the range I chose the following 5: Spicy Cinnamon, Royal Plum, Soft Plum, Rose Berry and Bubblegum pink as my wild card! I would have to say that Soft Plum was my favourite because it has this gorgeous purple tone throughout which makes your lips look super stylish and unique. So that you can all see what the colours actually look like on the lips, here are a number of selfie inspired pictures for you all to take a look at:

Soft Plum
Royal Plum
Rose Berry
Bubblegum Pink
Spicy Cinnamon

Do you suffer from sore and chapped lips too? Which colours would you choose?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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