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I think that one of the most common worries amongst all bloggers and vloggers is the quality of their photos and videos. We constantly compare our work to others which then causes us question whether our own blogs and vlogs are worthy of our time and efforts. This is especially a very common feeling amongst new bloggers and YouTubers and it is something that makes a lot of people quit so early on in the game. My top tip is to stick at it as after all, we all can’t run before we can walk. My blogging journey started around 19 months ago where I was very fortunate enough to have a lot of help from my boyfriend who is a professional photographer. I was mainly taking photos/filming videos on his Canon 7D and Canon Mark III which are extremely expensive cameras but can be quite difficult to use (for example they are not easily portable). Whilst the quality of those cameras are absolutely stunning, they are somewhat not necessarily the ideal camera for bloggers and small YouTubers (and this was duly noted by my boyfriend). So this Christmas my boyfriend bought me the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 and I am totally in love. It is the ultimate ‘shoot now share now’ camera and has amazing qualities like a 21x optical zoom and a high performance 1.6 GHz QuadCore Processor. And you can pick one up for around £215.00… bargain!

The images above and below were shot on my Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 and as you can tell the quality is just stunning. The camera itself is incredibly easy to use as it has its own set modes, for example, Macro, Beauty Face, Landscape (and ahhh there’s just too many to list!). It also has the settings that you would find on a very expensive camera (like the Canon 7D) and it talks you through what (for example) adjusting the shutter speed and aperture would do (it’s just the perfect novice camera). What also makes it the best blogger and vlogger camera is its sharing capabilities. The camera is also built like a Samsung phone so you have a main menu with many apps on there, for example, Blogger, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, so you can instantly upload your photos and videos onto your social media sites! And trust me the content quality and look of your sites will significantly improve.

So don’t put yourself down if you feel as though your pictures and videos aren’t up to scratch. I thoroughly believe that the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is an affordable camera to save up for and is a worthy investment to improve the quality of you current pictures and videos. If you would like to check out the quality of my videos, please visit my YouTube channel by clicking here, I do also like to edit my photos so let me know in the comments below if you would like me to do a little tutorial on editing (it’s a lot easier than you think!).

What camera do you like to use?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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