The Mad Hatter Makeover| Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass

Some of you are probably thinking one thing… where were you last week? Well let’s just say last week was a hectic one for me. Not only have I been travelling with work, but I have also been helping my brothers move into their new apartment which I need to stress was a massive debacle! Let’s just say never ever trust letting agents and always have proof of everything. Anyway I am now back and more ready than ever. So this week my friend Hannah from Fantasy Faces came over and we did another major transformation and this time we chose to do The Mad Hatter in readiness for Disney’s new release of Alice Through The Looking Glass which is out on May 27th 2016. Some of you may probably remember that when Hannah last came over we recreated The Grinch which I must say was epic! Check out my Grinch Makeover post if you missed it.

Believe it or not, creating this look was extremely easy and it only took around one hour to complete. We mainly used a white faceprint from Diamond FX and some eyeshadows that Hannah picked up in KIKO MILANO (they were so cheap but the colour pigmentation of them were just amazing). I picked up the hat and bow tie from eBay (despite being extremely disappointed with the size of the bow tie) and this cost me roughly £16.00 for both. Hannah raided many charity shops around Bath and she managed to get some fabulous items (scarf for hat, jacket and trousers) and she only spent a small fortune too.

Above: click the thumbnail to check out how to create this look on YouTube

I reckon Hannah yet again did an amazing job on me and managed to make me look completely unrecognisable. Be sure to check out my Mad Hatter Makeover video on YouTube if you want to know how to create this look by clicking on the thumbnail above, and please do go and follow Hannah and check out her fabulous Fantasy Faces artwork.

Will you be heading to the cinema to watch the movie? Or recreating this look? Let me know below!

Much Love



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