My Favourite Rimmel London Lipsticks| Moisture Renew & Kate Moss

Now this post is a little bit of two things: one to share my absolute love for Rimmel London lipsticks and two, to share some rather exciting news with you all (but we’ll leave the little bit of news until last). I reckon Rimmel London lipsticks are not given enough credit, I mean, if you are a person who suffers from chappy, dry and sore lips, then Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipsticks are just the perfect answer to all of your lip’s prayers. I honestly have so many lipsticks, I’d have to say around 30 to 40, and within my collection I have many high end brands like MAC, Chanel, and Charlotte Tilbury. I also have affordable brands like elf and No7 which I also adore. Now although I have some sort of love affair with my MAC lipsticks (especially cremeshene ones), sometimes the moisture in them isn’t quite good enough to wear on a daily basis. I am someone who doesn’t like to have a bare lip- I’m always wearing lipstick, even if it’s a nude one. And having a lipstick that feels as though it is drying the life out of your lips is sincerely uncomfortable to me- especially when it starts to clump up and get all flaky (ew). So finding these lipsticks from Rimmel London have been a real saviour!

You can pick up a Moisture Renew lipstick for £6.49 and a Lasting Finish by Kate Moss for £5.49

I wear Vintage Pink and Heather Shimmer Moisture Renew lipsticks on a daily basis to work and they are truly amazing- I apply once in the morning (around 7am) and again at lunch time (around 1pm) and they last and hydrate my lips for a very long time (I’d say a good 6 hours before you have to top up again). These lipsticks contain three superpower moisturisers- polypeptides, hyaluronic acid and natural collagen which all deeply condition your lips instantly. They all also have SPF 20 and lots of vitamins in them so that your lips can also improve its condition over time (both a quick fix and a long term remedy). I also absolutely love the Kate Moss range by Rimmel London- talk about lipstick fit enough for an occasion. Now we all know that Kate Moss is a extremely successful model who has collaborated with the best photographers and brands across the world, so it’s really nice to see that her range has equally been quite the hit too. I have both 110 and 107 and I am besotted- the finish on these lipsticks are more of a matte finish (rather than a cremesheen like Moisture Renew) and they too hydrate the lips (but not as much as Moisture Renew). I tend to wear my Kate Moss lipsticks out on occasions because they are ever so rich and durable, but as mentioned above, I like to wear my Moisture Renew ones on a daily basis. I must say that I absolutely love my little Rimmel colour collection and reckon that I’ll be rockin’ In Love With Ginger and Kate Moss 101 a lot this summer!

Now for my little bit of good news! Recently I collaborated with Beamly alongside Rimmel London to tell Beamly viewers (and now you guys) what my favourite Rimmel lipsticks and products were. Now if you don’t know who Beamly are, they pretty much have everything to do with TV- soaps, dramas, reality TV shows, the Brit Awards… just everything. They are like the ultimate TV social network! I was very fortunate enough to be asked to create these two videos and I very much look forward to working with them again (so keep your eyes peeled for some more filming days). If you would like to check out My Rimmel London Lipstick Favourites video then click here (or by clicking the thumbnail below), and my Favourite Rimmel London Products video by clicking here (or the thumbnail below). Don’t forget to subscribe to Beamly and check out my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Do you have a favourite Rimmel London lipstick (please tell)? Do you like any of the above?

Much Love

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