Off The Shoulder Tops| The New Fashion Craze!

Recently I have been surfing the internet in search for two new casual outfits (check out outfit number 1 in my Lola Striped Oversized Shirt post). Whilst it is always easy to go for the safe option (for me it is a pretty tunic dress or a skirt), I wanted to purchase something that currently cannot be found in my wardrobe. So whilst on ASOS, I came across this ASOS Off The Shoulder Body With Ruffle Detail and Thong and I am absolutely smitten.

So not only did I not own an ‘off the shoulder’ top in my wardrobe, but I also did not own a body suit.  This top almost goes on as if you were putting on a leotard or a swimming costume, but it is the easiest way if you are wanting that ‘tucked in the jeans’ look without your top (annoyingly) always coming out or ruffling up. I personally think that the ruffle detail creates the illusion of a smaller waist, and material itself is just a dream to move in (and you all know how comfortable I like to be!). I am now completely obsessed with body suits and I keep eyeing up different designs and styles!

As mention in my Lola Striped Oversized Shirt post, if I had a choice between buying a pair of black denim jeans, or buying a black pair of denim jeggings, I will always go for the latter- purely because I find jeggings a lot more comfortable. Whilst I paired this top with these high waisted denim jeggings from Boohoo, I personally think that a pair of high waisted wet looked trousers/leggings would look amazing with this top too! 

Do you like off the shoulder tops? Would you wear a body suit?

Much Love 

Eltoria x


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