What To Take To University

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I honestly cannot
believe that it has been 4 years since I first started to prepare to go to
university- time flys so make sure you
enjoy it.
Now I know that most of you don’t even know if you are going to
uni yet, I mean, waiting for those A Level results is probably one of the most
stomach churning things that I have ever experienced (cummon’ your life pretty much depends on them… at the time anyway).
Despite feeling like had a farm of butterflies in my stomach, I was extremely
excited to get my uni stuff together because we all know what that meant…
shopping! Now I was one of those annoying teens who wanted everything new and
matching and who could blame me? I was moving out of home for the first time in
my life and I wanted everything to be comfortable and perfect. Its all well and
good taking the bare essentials for your first year (like some freshers did) but knowing me I would of probably would
have gotten home sick in the first few days. There’s nothing like having a snug
rug on the floor and pictures of your loved ones on the wall- Mmmm cosy.

So to put you all out
of your ‘what to take to uni’ panic, I have created a video with some of my top
picks (click here to see that). Not only is this video ideal if you are heading into your first year of
uni but it is suitable for all years. If you are a fresher heading into your
first year, my top tip is to not splash the cash in some sort of panic mode.
Although I didn’t have a tonne of money to spend when I was buying my uni
stuff, but I made sure that I was smart in what I was getting. In my first year
I was catered so I didn’t bother getting the latest Jamie Oliver pots and pans,
but I took a small selection of Wilkinson’s own so that I could cook myself
something over the weekend (and if you are
someone like me, cooking was one of the last things I wanted to do at uni
It may also be worth finding out who your flat mates are before your move in
date because that way, you can discuss who can bring what and if everyone is ok
with sharing the odd pot and pan now and again (trust me there is no need for 6 cheese graters). But then again
there’s always one who says that they ok with sharing until someone doesn’t wash up a bowl or two… trust me it is the
end of the world to them

But like I said above,
making my university room as comfortable as possible was really important to
me. In the picture above you can see what my first year room looked like and as
you have probably observed already, I have soft furnishings and a cosy rug on
the floor (which I am glad I took because
the carpet was a minging green colour!
). It is entirely up to you on how
you would like your room to look like, I know that some people popped up their
own curtains over the distasteful university ones and it looked really pretty and homely. But all I can say is enjoy shopping for you own little home and embrace every second of it. I am hoping to bring out a ‘university series’ so do pop a comment below if you have any post/video suggestions. But do check out my University Expectations v Reality post (click here) whilst you are here (it’s brutally true and a gooden’). But click here to see What To Take To University video.

What are you planning on taking to uni?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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