Birchbox UK Beauty Subscription Box Review July 2018

Birchbox is one of the UK’s most loved beauty Subscription Boxes, so I’m going to kick off this new blog series and show you what’s inside July’s box. This month’s box only has 5 products inside (I say only because there’s usually about 6), and the box is much smaller. This month’s theme is about saying yes to adventure, so, Birchbox is encouraging you to be bold and try something new. However big or small. Which I think is very fitting considering we’re having some amazing weather in the UK right now. You can purchase Birchbox for £10.00 and the delivery charge is £2.95. However, the monthly costs get cheaper if you choose to purchase their 3month or 6-month subscription service.

I must start with this, Birchbox’s customer service is amazing. Every month you get an email asking you to select the colour of your full-sized product. This month I had the option between two eyeshadow colours from Manna Kadar. I really enjoy doing this every month as it helps to make my box feel a little more personalized. There is also an opportunity to win a Lumene beauty bundle worth £250.00 this month! To enter, all you have to do is take a picture of your July Birchbox, share it on Instagram and tag @BirchboxUK, and then use #BirchboxUK or #BirchboxIRE in your caption. Winner will be announced in August so best of luck! Anywho, let’s see what’s inside July’s box!

Manna Kadar RRP £15.00

Is it an eyeshadow or a blush? Nope, it’s in fact BOTH! This multi-purpose powder can be used on the eyes or cheeks to add a pop of colour. Formulated with a lightweight texture, it glides smoothly to deliver pretty definition. The pigmentation in this powder is pretty good, I wouldn’t say Urban Decay quality, but it’s good. This product is full sized.

What’s In It For Me?.. Shower Scrub RRP £7.00

This is why I love beauty subscription boxes, I get to try something new every time. This exfoliating treat is infused with orange and jasmine flower, which is incredibly uplifting and smells a little like a spa product. This product gently scrubs away dead skin and the sweet almond oil helps to hydrate and polish the skin back to its righteous glory.

Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil RRP £7.50

I’ve tried Percy & Reed hair products before and admittedly, I really wasn’t keen. Their dry shampoo is terrible. But this waterbased oil is meant to do amazing things, so I put it to the test. Whilst most hair oils are meant to inject hydration, tame frizzy hair, and protect hair strands, this product also does one step further. It also adds volume. I have to say, it was actually quite nice to put in an oil that didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy, but it didn’t give my hair lots of volumes. Some, but not lots. This product is not full sized, it’s 30ml and it’s actually worth £7.50, not £15.00 (as Birchbox vouches).

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum RRP £8.00

I am very familiar with balanceme, it’s a very good brand. However, I have never tried their Congested Skin Serum so I’m excited to give this a go as I am currently suffering a little it of acne on my right cheek. This soothing serum works to balance the skin and refine pores, so it’s a good product to use if you are prone to a spot or two. You smooth a thin layer before your moisturiser, or, dab directly onto blemishes as a spot treatment. This product is not full sized, it’s 7ml and it’s actually worth roughly £8.00, not £16.00 (as Birchbox vouches).

Joliderm Blackheads Patches RRP £13.90

I LOVE these kinds of products, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting rid of a bunch of clogged pores on the ol’ noggin. I’m a little annoyed that Birchbox have RRP’d this price at £13.90, because this is the value for 5 patches and not one. So the real RRP is in fact £2.78. They need to get their RRPs right me thinks!

Birchbox On YouTube

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What did you make of July’s Birchbox? Drop me a comment below. Much Love, Eltoria x

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