New Eltoria Studio Tour!

Eeek the reveal day has finally come… I HAVE A NEW STUDIO SET! So in the last couple of months Joe and I have been working hard to get the studio up together and I am so excited to get filming in my new space! Some of you may not know that Joe (my boyfriend) runs his own photography studio (Creative Studios) and he has been ever so kind to free up some space for me. Soon I will be filming my normal videos against a brand new back ground and also my fitness videos against a new set! The last couple of months have been crazy but the new Eltoria makeover is almost complete.

In the studio I have these 5 keys by Ella Celebration to represent 5 key Eltoria achievements; my two UK Blog Awards, my two Beauty Blogger Awards, and one is a mystery which will be declared at a later date. Ella Celebration is a wedding decorations and party favours website stocking really unique and vintage pieces. I love these vintage keys- I really think they are the perfect token for your guests to take away as memory of your special event. Ella Celebration are hosting a give away where three winners can win a $100.00 gift card! You can enter today by clicking here.

Above: click here to enter the Ella Celebration $100.00 giveaway!

So in my studio I have this Pro Plus 36 Varidesk which I must say is amazing if you are someone who sits in front of a computer screen most of the day. Varidesks are really good for the back, posture, and they help to burn calories. With this model I am able to fit two screens on the desk and I can also adjust the height so that it is perfect for me. I really do recommend getting one- mine looks quite snazzy in my new working area.

So what have I been reading recently? So in between filming and editing I have been reading Kim Kardashian’s Secrets, Scandal and Her Million Dollar Empire. Kim Kardashian has earned well over 52 million dollars from her social media empire and the book details her life right from the beginning (even her relationship with her dad, Kris’ affair and there are even some cute photos of her from when she was a child!). Since the France robbery, the book really does highlight Kim’s vulnerability as a result of her fame before the attack. This book is a really good read if you want to learn more about her and the impacts that social media has had on her as a person.

What do you make of the studio? Do you like it?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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