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Firstly I apologise for not blogging since Monday, I started a brand new job this week and attended a number of Christmas parties. Exhausted is an understatement. Nevertheless, HAPPY FRIDAY! (or Thursday to you eager beavers out there!). Now with Christmas coming and being that tiniest bit excited (I lie, I am in fact buzzing) I had the pleasure in receiving a Beauty Crowd gift box and goodness, it was literally stunning! If you don’t know what Beauty Crowd is, it is a new beauty marketing space where you can buy beauty products and pick up tips on skin care, hair care, body care, and much more. If you like the set up of ASOS and Feel Unique you will love this site! I am personally in love and enjoy reading about beauty, in addition to, buying them too! Blogging and and buying? What a ‘bbloggers’ dream!

 1. Sniffy Wiffy Body Scrub- This product will definitely make you feel good in more ways than one! From a refreshing citrus scent to polished bright skin, this body scrub is an absolute steal for £10.00. What I particularly love about this product is its ‘breast check guide’ on its packaging as I strongly believe that women ought to check their breasts more regularly than often. Sniffy Wiffy also donate a percentage of their profits to Coppa Feel charity! Charitable, gorgeous, and extremely healthy for you. I am totally in love with this brand!

2. Flint + Flint Primer- This primer has advanced technology which provides SPF 30 protection from UVB combined with UVA protection for broad spectrum defence from harmful UV rays. I apply this product onto my skin after moisturising, but before applying my makeup, and it feels divine. My makeup stays on all day and my skin appears to be much smoother and radiant looking.

3. Lola’s Apothecary Golden Elixir of Rose Body Oil- This product is just perfect at this time of year. Rose oil has soothing and repairing properties which helps to treat and nourish irritable and inflamed skin. If you get dryer skin in the winter or suffer from eczema, this product will be you new best friend.

 4. SoCal Curls Hair Tie- Watch out ladies there’s a new way to curl your hair and it only takes a matter of minutes! I LOVE wearing this band to bed as 8 times out of 10 I wake up with gorgeous curly/wavy hair; perfect for the average working girl. All you have to do is pop this band in the microwave for thirty seconds and then pop it into your hair. As this is a little hard to explain as to how you use this product, check out the ‘how to’ video by clicking here.

5. Unii Palette- Goodbye cluttered up makeup bags, hello to a bit of organisation. The Unii Palette magnetically stores your favourite makeup, which ironically, also helps you to organise your perfect seasonal palette. An all round gift for your fellow beauty enthusiast.

If you love Christmas as much as I do, stay linked because I have some cracking posts and videos coming up!

Have you checked out the Beauty Crowd?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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