5 Habits that Promote Overall Health

We only think about our health when it becomes endangered by something we are doing, whether that’s a dangerous activity, an unhealthy eating habit, or exposure to a disease. However, our health is always with us. It’s just how we are from day to day. We think that it should therefore be much more important to promote! Check out these habits that can totally promote your health on an everyday basis.

Eating a plant-based diet. Westerners have an addiction to meat and cheese, and it causes some of the most prominent health problems that we see. Overconsumption of protein from red meat, and even to a lesser extent poultry, can cause some easily preventable ailments.

These include heart disease (the developed world’s number 1 killer), high cholesterol, certain cancers, indigestion, and even some skin conditions. If you’re looking to improve your overall health, one of the biggest and smartest changes you can make is to cut down on meat and other animal products from your diet! Taking care of your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it is the one that’s constantly exposed to the elements. It protects your innards from external contaminants, and shields you from harmful viruses and bacteria. One important thing that you can do to improve your overall health is adopt a skin routine that nourishes that organ.

If you find yourself asking, “Why is my skin so oily?”, you’re not alone. Some of the biggest changes you can make to improve your skin is reducing the amount of meat in your diet. But you can also start frequently washing your face, using lotion, and drinking water! Speaking of which…

Drink lots of water. Did you know that most Brits don’t drink nearly enough water every day? The classic recommendation is that you drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day, or a little more than 5 standard-sized plastic water bottles’ worth – though to be eco-friendly, consider using your own reusable water bottle.

The health benefits of water are astounding. Drinking tons of water can lead to a healthier immune system, less chance of dying of dehydration, better metabolism, and even softer, younger-looking skin! After all, remember that your body is mostly made of water. Keeping up cells’ ability to restore your skin and other organs is essential, and water is the best way to keep them fueled.

Exercise regularly. We all remember that grouchy old gym teacher we had – you know the one, with the receding hairline and the New England accent thicker than clam chowder, who always yelled at you after you couldn’t make it 3 feet off the ground on the climbing rope. Well, sorry to say it, but he was right: exercise really is good for you. Getting your sweat on at least once a day can lower your chances of heart disease, cancer, and even mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

If you’re looking to make an active and aggressive change to your health routine, you just can’t leave exercise out. If you’re having trouble getting started, consider just going for a light, easy evening jog a few times a week. Exercising even this little will be enough to get you in the habit, and that’s what really counts for the health benefits!

Try to destress. Stress is one of the biggest dangers to our health. In this modern era of overwork, burnout, and constant anxiety over social media, the temptation to succumb to stress is always present. One important change you can make to your overall health is working on decreasing your overall stress levels.

An excess of stress can lead to heart problems, headaches, stomach and intestinal problems, and overall dissatisfaction with life – which, if you think about it, pretty much is the worst possible health problem to have. If you feel that you are overly stressed, or if you feel that you’re having mental health difficulties, you should seriously consider seeing a therapist.

Forget the stigma around having mental health struggles and get yourself seen-to! Exercise and time with family and friends are great ways to improve stress and dissatisfaction too.

Health is extremely important because every other aspect of your life depends on you being healthy enough to deal with it! If you make one change in your life, let it be improving your health.

Do you have any tips? Drop a comment below. Much Love, Eltoria x


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