How To Be The Smartest Online Shopper With Shoptagr

Have you even gone online to shop but find that every single item in your size is out of stock? Keep on reading because I have a solution which will blow your minds away!

Shoptagr is a free service that lets you save and track your favourite fashion items right down to size and colour, alerting you first once the price drops or when it comes back into stock- how amazing! Its Pinterest style page allows you to organise your picks into lists (awesome for managing your holiday wardrobe) and its one second install makes it one of the easiest apps to use. I personally hate online sale shopping- the idea of being disappointed when somethings is not in your size can be enough to put a dark cloud over my morning. But as Shoptagr will alert you first when something goes on sale or is restocked, I will most definitely will being using this app right before the sales and Black Friday. Shopping will never feel like a full time job ever again.

Ok so how to use it. Firstly download the app either on your phone or web- it literally takes seconds (click here to do that now). Then save the Shoptagr icon to your web browse (I would highly recommend watching the help videos in order to do this).

Then go onto your favourite sites and save your wanted items by using the Shoptagr button. All you need to do is click the save button (looks little like a rectangle with an arrow pointing out of it) and then select the Shoptagr icon.

Then fill out the details of your wanted item (i.e. size and colour) and then save them to your lists.

Your page will then look a little like Pinterest, as easy as that.

You can check out the live demo of this app in my new YouTube video:

Click here to watch my latest video

Will you be using this app from now on?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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